I suppose I should submit *something* to this week. It's been ages since I've done so.

Not much has changed, still using , still not much to show, given it's a tiling wm. My wallpapers, such as they are, are set randomly by a script on login, viewable here: git.degruchy.org/ndegruchy/Hel

I'll snap a picture of an empty one for posterity.

Reasons I don't post anymore:

1. My desktop is i3, so it's just maximized or tiled windows
2. The only thing that I've changed in the last year or so is the name of the workspaces

Not that people should stop. I love seeing how other people rice out their setup.

No for me today. Instead I will post my picture. I do this because I presume you know what Emacs or Firefox look like.


I usually miss these. Working on tips for my son and his Pokemon TCCG obsession (he's 7).

Burning a new yunohost image to the SD card after zeroing it out. This is from my new primary machine, the Lenovo L440.


KDE on OpenSuSE is well done and pretty stable. Editing my backup script to be easier to customize and to only attempt to back up files that exist or package lists from the appropriate package managers.

Mobile . Waiting for dinner to be done and, of course, Dorian on Monday/Tuesday.

At the in-laws house today. Which means GalliumBook and not much going on in the screenshot arena. Sorry for the boring

Working on tweaking ranger. Putting up photos and videos to my blog and showing off a clean i3 workspace.

Yeah, I'm fickle as hell. On XFCE. Lets see how long this lasts. At least games don't tab out while playing them (in Proton).

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