Hmm, ivy doesn't seem to want to actually kill buffers... I can kill them in buffer-menu, but they show up when ivy takes over kill-buffer...


I might revert back to ido.

TIL that has it's own built-in implementation of `ls` in .

Ok, so after years of being an fan, I finally am giving , and a chance. I'm liking how fast things are. I was prompted to this because one of the packages I used (ido-vertical-mode) was marked as obsolete, and it bugged me.

Helm is too heavy for my use.

TIL about Tramp's multi-connect.

C-x C-f /ssh:you@host.tld|sudo:host.tld:/path/to/file

You can even chain ssh if you want to hop through a bastion to your server.

is the best.

Using `ps ax` like I don't have access to which is far supperior.

TIL can edit the results, inline. Press 'e' while in the occur results and you can modify the text, which will be reflected in the main buffer. Just press C-c C-c to finish and return to occur mode.


Of course has a epub reader package. Of course it's by wasamasa.

I'm not even sure why I doubted it.

Now I added emacsclient -nc "$1" to my rifle.conf and can open my ebooks.

For some reason, is not recogizing when I try to type a capital x ("X")... no other applications have this problem....

Of course Emacs has a directory-based preference system for project-style work. And of course Emacs also has a nice tool for generating those files for you. Because, you know,

Learning about defalias (for quicker M-x commands), Abbrev mode, which I've used in the past to help correct my chronic misspellings and Skeletons, which are pretty freaking sweet.

Considering Org Mode or GNU Muse for my upcoming history class. I know this professor and he focuses heavily on definitions which Org Mode and Muse do well in the style of "Term :: Definition". Org mode seems overkill, but Muse seems like it's designed for larger projects.

Huh... M+<Tab> on my Chromebook (and thus, Ubuntu) in activates ispell-complete-word. I know I didn't set that up -- wonder if it's a configuration from Ubuntu, or just something that was in 25.x

Mastodon people got me thinking about trying out EXWM. Not sure if I’m willing to dive in, but is amazing.

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