I've come to respect the work that the project puts into making sure packages work and that things generally stay pretty stable from release to release. I like 's packaging system better...

Gonna have to get used to not loading up site to see if there are any interesting package updates or news. Need to get into muscle memory.

Ugh, also it lacks a man page but specifically mentions configuration items explained in the man page...

Also, some of the long options are gone, so I have to rewrite my compton command string in my .xprofile

Wtf ? This is a potentially breaking change with a package that explicitly lists itself as "experimental" and we get no communication about it?

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Save yourself some time when you reinstall. Have Pacman export a list of packages every time it changes with a pacman hook.


Then keep your package cache down with the auto-cleanup hook. Keeps the last version installed, in case you need a downgrade.


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