Emma will not be ignored. Especially on the couch, on her favorite blanket.

> "Write an essay comparing and contrasting the social, cultural,
political, governmental, and economic characteristics between the Florida Spanish First
Period (1565-1763) and the Florida British Period (1763-1783)."


Blog Post. May not be FOSS-related. 

Add another device running Linux. This time it’s my offices coffee machine. Running on a Samsung Tablet.

Blog Post. May not be FOSS-related. 

Ooof. SD card is indeed fraudulent. I was able to get some data off of it, but man...

Blog Post. May not be FOSS-related. 

non-FOSS. Disney. Christmas. 

Blog Post. May not be FOSS-related. 

When someone challenges you to a month of CLI-only, but little do they know, you're a veteran emacs user.

Some genetic malformation. graphic. 

Great news is that I can tan myself on this giant ass monitor on stage.

*Mastodon open in a tab*
Me: Okay, new tab
*New tab opens, I pick Mastodon from the choices presented*
Me: Hol up.

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