Last class. Professor is late, again. No grades posted.

💯 💯 💯 🤬🤬😤😩🙄

These were surprisingly good. Odd ingredients, but delicious.

Like clockwork, 11:00 rolls around and Miss May settles down in the rumples of our unmade bed.

That’s new. Wonder if it’s Verizon or some sort of internal heuristics.

Weird, but neat. is too large of a company for this kind of tomfoolery. (App is installed for Work, I don’t use cloud sync)

Shhhh! has had a long day of telling people of the systematic and pervasive data collection and surveillance state. He deserves a nap!

No, WordPress, I don't think either of these are good suggestions of blogs to follow.

TIL about mastodon 'featured'/'endorsed' people feature:

Shows up on your profile (

Sort of regret not bringing my hoodie in the park. This coffee will help, though.

Visited the weeb shop in Disney today. Some cute stuff, but I always feel embarrassed. People take Japanese culture worship a bit far.

So, just in case you need to assassinate me for any reason (🤨🤔) put something good looking in the break room. I have no idea what these are (or what language that is, specifically) but I ate one and it was good.

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