While I will admit is massively more popular than my , I have to say, my tag is much more catchy. 😎

Right now my “workspace” is my office, at work, with my personal laptop off to the side so I can at least not go completely insane being isolated for 8-hours a day.

Back in the office. No one is here. Nice view from the top floor, though.

Thank good we got that healthy soap, not that bullshit antibacterial one on the counter.

I spent a non-trivial amount of time learning about the compose key on Linux and configuring it in .

Thankfully the second part was pretty easy.


Well. It was nice knowing you all. I’m going to a higher plane of boldness.

Trying to decide if I want to install Akregator, but it pulls in a large part of Akondi and KDEPIM.

I never understood this. My name is Nathan, or Nate or Nathaniel if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Not “Nat”. I’m not “Natalie” or “Natasha”. It’s not even that hard to add one more letter or even omit it entirely using a non-specific pronoun. Even just a “Hey” would have sufficed.

I missed KDE. Especially this stuff. It handles my docking displays without question and shows me all the information I want.

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