@wizzwizz4 Yep. I was discussing this sort of thing with some others. Windows is an absolute dumpster fire of old crap installers. You're either going to have to support both, or ditch one. This project is dead on the vine.

I'd love to think that Enterprise IT would be willing to take up the banner and support this, but there is far too much money and politics and ancient, decrepit software titles that need to be installed on even more ancient and decrepit systems to even warrant hope.

@ndegruchy The only reason anybody still uses Windows is because of legacy software.

If they get this project to work, they've killed Windows.

@ndegruchy I hope they succeed. I hope something good rises from the ashes, like in the old, idealistic days of NT. (But with less crashing.)

@ndegruchy "EDIT: Oh it seems like there is not yet support for uninstalling?"

@skunksarebetter I know this was probably written by interns, but man, what a lousy start.

@ndegruchy it's like looking at a toddler trying to act like a grown up. The intent is there, but it just falls flat on its face.

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