I find without Emacs on my system, I am doing a lot less fiddling with things. Not that Emacs is something you have to fiddle with all the time... it just lends itself to constant improvement and exploration of the concept as a whole.

Currently, I'm using Kate/Nano. Way less customization and more straight to the point of editing (if I even need it). I think I'm becoming a regular user.... 🤔

@ndegruchy I'm a vim user, but I leave programming to QtCreator and VScodium. Vim just for editing config files.

@gxtony I was a vim user for ages. I still reflexively press keys like diw or cs". I do find that I'm less interested in fiddling with config files unless something is really annoying or broken in some manner. I end up doing a fair bit of file management, though.

@ndegruchy But if I spend a week writing a special major mode, I can make that edit to that one line in 5 seconds instead of 10.

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