Motivation levels are critically low

(05%) ■□□□□□□□□□


@ndegruchy @levels_check

A very slight imbalance in Dopamine and/or Seratonin levels in your noggin can have a big impact on your motivation. Slight changes in your life (eg. amount of daylight, food quality) can affect your brain chemistry. So, you know, I hope things get better for you. Things got better for me last year. I noticed a definite increase in motivation.

@space_cadet Oh, I already know I'm broken. I'm taking medication for that. The pandemic has uh, made the situation more fluid, day to day. I guess I was just burning out before everything went to pot. Now I'm just attempting to keep myself from worrying about the larger implications.

Oh. THAT. Right. Yeah I can't help you there mate. There is likely one of the schools of philosophy that could give you a balloon to cling to or an axe to grind eg. Nihilism, Existentialism, etc. It could be an effective distracting mental hobby. At least, it would give you something to talk about at virtual cocktail parties.

@space_cadet My default mode for depression is/was nihilism. It hasn't exactly *changed* since being on medication, but I'm not so ... hmm.. how to put it?



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