Mobile media uploads to Wordpress is an exercise in pain.

@ndegruchy I thought I was the only one! Thanks for validating my rage

@cb It's always nice to try and upload an image from my phone and watch the progress bar either start, but never move, or get to the end of the progress bar, but never actually swap to the image indicating "completion".

Also, trying to build galleries in a post sometimes shows only a subset of items in the media library. Closing the modal and reopening it seems to kick it into gear.

Yeah, mobile WordPress is still a work in progress.

@ndegruchy honestly I always thought it was my server, which runs my WordPress site and lives in a closet at my house. A while ago I abandoned the mobile app entirely and just use the web interface

@cb I've used it on Shared Hosting, dedicated hosting and my own raspberry pi. Uploading media from a mobile browser (I've only tried mobile safari, so ... YMMV) is an inconsistent and error prone process. I'll often just save the files to iCloud Drive or something and do the upload and building on my Linux machine in Firefox.

@ndegruchy Always uploads. Often claims it failed. But it's there. So I upload again. Now I have two copies. So I delete one.

Every. Single. Time.

@peroty That happens to me, too I don’t know if it’s Mobile Safari or the AJAX uploader. I tried the “browser” uploader with little success.

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