Anyone able to recommend a low-power router/firewall that can run pfSense (or similar project)? I'd like to see if there are any viable options for replacing this old core2duo.

Might be able to conscript my old chromebook, but I'm afraid of how well supported that'll be. Plus I'll need to USB->Ethernet, which I can't imagine is going to be fast.

Raspberry Pi4. Or do you need more ethernet ports?

@rudolf Minimum of two. I could do router on a stick, but that halves the throughput and complicates my very simple setup. Again, I could do USB->Ethernet, I just worry about performance. Probably nothing worth worrying about with my current ISP plan, but I have gigabit fiber available in my area....

@ndegruchy about to do same with an older Acer model chrome which does have a beta Linux version on archive project fun for holidays I’ve been paying attention to y’all Fosstodonians;)


I haven't used it myself but I have heard good things about the Netgate SG-1100 from both Steve Gibson ( and Tom Lawrence (

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