Wow, it's been 1000 posts since I joined Mastodon. I'd like to thank my wife and son for being awesome. My job for literally paying the bills and Linux, for showing us all that you do have a choice, and you can forge your own path when the ready-made doesn't fit your needs.

@ndegruchy Haha, really love, how you have portrayed this journey of using OSS. If this is your 1000th post - I would have given you a boost 😛

@mysticmode Thanks! That was my 1000th Toot. I've since blown past it with more inane rambling. I try to keep content on here at least FOSS-adjacent, but I mark stuff that's not with Content Warning.

@ndegruchy Welcome!, you've just earned a boost from an unknown (not well known yet tbh) guy on the internet 🙂

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