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Wow, it's been 1000 posts since I joined Mastodon. I'd like to thank my wife and son for being awesome. My job for literally paying the bills and Linux, for showing us all that you do have a choice, and you can forge your own path when the ready-made doesn't fit your needs.

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If, tomorrow, a government entity came out and said they found trace amounts of an addictive chemical in hummus, I would not be shocked.

How to answer phone spam: "U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Telephone Fraud Investigation Division, how may I help you?"

New post: VPN for all the wrong reasons.

Looking for good VPN services. I do have a pfSense box that I could try and setup, but I'm on commodity Internet with comcast, so it might be difficult.

Yep, it's their wifi. My phone hotspot works fine.

Might be the school's wifi... god, I hate networks who filter crap

I hate when I have to setup iOS devices less than 12.4. Such a hassle of iCloud password, trying to get on our arcane WiFi and endlessly asking for pins and other personal info 🤬

Firefox VPN doesn’t work on my companies visitor network. It’s really shitty, so I’m not shocked. Just disappointed, I was going to look at VPN solutions later to bypass the crappy proxy stuff, but I guess not now.

Energy levels are at 30% and falling


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Goods and Services: In which I talk about saving money by “hosting it myself”, on shared hosting.

Me: Okay, it’s Monday. Let’s do this!


Me: sigh.

Monday: *proceeds to dump a bunch of missed SLA tickets from T1 into my queue, then dances off*

All up and running now. Gonna look at Wikis or something, next.

Got shared hosting. Better'n paying $10 a month for pocket and feedbin. Just playing the DNS waiting game...

My drier has the Windows time-to-done issue. It's been 8-minutes until done for 30 minutes now. Probably time to have the vent cleaned out...

Feeling a bit silly for this #ScreenshotSunday. Been watching Season 2 of #OnePunchMan with my eldest and the end of the opening theme was hilarious enough for me to screenshot it and use it as my wallpaper on the #Fedora laptop. 🙃 #showyourdesktop #shareyourdesktop

Non-foss, complaining, school/college 


KDE on OpenSuSE is well done and pretty stable. Editing my backup script to be easier to customize and to only attempt to back up files that exist or package lists from the appropriate package managers.

Q: How do you get the code for the bank vault?
A: You checkout their branch.

Q: Why did the security conscious engineer refuse to pay their dinner bill?
A: Because they could not verify the checksum.

Q: I'm starting a band called HTML Encoder
A: Looking to buy a guitar &

Q: What's the second movie about a database engineer called?
A: The SQL.

These and many other computer related jokes at:
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