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Wow, it's been 1000 posts since I joined Mastodon. I'd like to thank my wife and son for being awesome. My job for literally paying the bills and Linux, for showing us all that you do have a choice, and you can forge your own path when the ready-made doesn't fit your needs.

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If, tomorrow, a government entity came out and said they found trace amounts of an addictive chemical in hummus, I would not be shocked.

OPM season 2 on Hulu was good. I still like the manga.

340 gb of data being transfered from one disk to another. Over USB 2.

Sigh. Glad it's not mine.

Shopping for Pokemon cards.

This is my life now.

Trying to convince my wife she might like the instance... as our linen closet looks like this.... 😂

Think I'm going to go with Ranger. NNN is neat, but requires a bit too much work to do what I prefer.

Ok, a little more digging finds that *maybe* compton has landed in that "unmaintained" grey area that so many open source projects do. The fork lists this in their readme for the master branch (which isn't the first thing you see when you land at the repo):

> This is forked from the original Compton because that seems to have become unmaintained.


Nothing in the forums or Reddit about it. I mean, this is radio silence. I may just download and package my own compton at this point.

Ugh, also it lacks a man page but specifically mentions configuration items explained in the man page...

Also, some of the long options are gone, so I have to rewrite my compton command string in my .xprofile

Wtf ? This is a potentially breaking change with a package that explicitly lists itself as "experimental" and we get no communication about it?

So, Arch just replaced compton with a package named 'picom', which seems to be a fork. No explanation as to why, though.

Disney makes a pretty good Pho. Added a bit too much spice on my own, but it’s cold out.

Ranger or NNN?

- NNN is wicked fast and small
- Ranger has progress bars
- Ranger has rifle and scout tools
- NNN is easy to configure
- NNN has basically no hard dependencies
- Ranger is comfortable OOB

- NNN is basic, needing a lot of external tools
- Ranger has a larger overhead
- Ranger requires some python knowledge to configure
- NNN doesn't have multi-column
- NNN requires more setup to be 'comfortable'
- Both tools have lacking documentation...

I have a habit of setting up domains for apps that I have yet to decide on, or install/configure. Today's cart before the horse is a bookmarking site that will probably be deleted because I can't decide if I actually need it...

Of course has a epub reader package. Of course it's by wasamasa.

I'm not even sure why I doubted it.

Now I added emacsclient -nc "$1" to my rifle.conf and can open my ebooks.

Thinking of swapping back to bash as my main shell. Fish is awesome, but I feel like I should have a better handle on bash, plus it's less dependencies.

@sheogorath my journey never ends. It’s seems I’m never happy and the grass is always greener.


Huh? Oh. We're still here. Okay, sorry. I spaced out for most of the day.

Do we really need a long code of conduct with fancy words instead of a plain "Please don't be fucking dicks to one another." ?

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