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If, tomorrow, a government entity came out and said they found trace amounts of an addictive chemical in hummus, I would not be shocked.

Interesting turn of events. I'm sure Microsoft is looking at this very hard, as should everyone else (including me, sadly).

Enjoying the block editor on Wordpress. Don’t know what the fuss is about. People don’t like change, but this makes creating nice looking content much easier.

In account of the happening today and tomorrow (15th-16th), I'm going to re-up this anti union training video:

So, I guess I've been missing out on some of the nicer F/OSS stuff out there because Bitwarden, again, is amazing. WordPress has grown up quite a bit, too. I just remember it being a poor-mans Drupal for a long time. Probably biased, though, since I was a Drupal admin for years 😂

Compton is adding fade transitions to window open/close and workspace transitions. 😡 .

I even have --no-fading-openclose.

Investigation begins!

Very little pleases me as much as confirmation of a successful backup:

Anyone looking for cheap managed WordPress hosting? I can recommend NameCheap's EasyWP (thanks @Kevin)

Referral code for one-month free:

@ndegruchy check out EasyWP. It’s well priced and performs well.

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Opted against migrating all my old posts. Too much cleanup, not enough good content..

A little touch and go with the migration, but everything seems in order now. is back up!

Ugh, have to wait "up to" 48 hours for DNS to transfer back to namecheap...

ME: "Ok, that's everything, here we go"

*turns dishwasher on*
*turns around*

TEASPOON: Dude, you're not gonna believe this!

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