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Wow, it's been 1000 posts since I joined Mastodon. I'd like to thank my wife and son for being awesome. My job for literally paying the bills and Linux, for showing us all that you do have a choice, and you can forge your own path when the ready-made doesn't fit your needs.

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If, tomorrow, a government entity came out and said they found trace amounts of an addictive chemical in hummus, I would not be shocked.

One day I might learn how to use ln correctly without googling, but not today

Slept so hard that I was "What year is it?"

I needed that.

Backing up VIP's Mac in the Recovery mode so I can reimage it safely (I don't trust the installer to not nuke their files).

This is going to take a while.

Online shopping, when connected to our ProtonVPN servers, can lead to savings that add up over time. Check out these easy ways to save money.

In the DC area? Like public domain or the Creative Commons? Looks like there is going to be a celebration of the Public Domain:

Forgot how nice it was to have screen installed on a remote host to keep some apps open...

You know one thing I don't need on #ArchLinux? Flatpak.

I suddenly realized that 100% of the apps I use are already packaged either in the main repositories or in AUR, and are always up-to-date, thus eliminating the need to search elsewhere.

#2256 "Bad Map Projection: South America" 

Trying to figure out why the twentytwenty theme has this weird bug when logged in/showing the admin bar. The overlay menu causes the header to jump around...

Of course, as soon as I open my big, fat virtual mouth he arrives. 20 minutes late. I should charge him a late fee.

He was also supposed to open up the online course component, you know, where our assignments go. He has not.

Rushed to get to class on time. Professor is no where to be seen. ~15 minutes, so far. Going to leave at 20.

that, when searching in Firefox's tab bar, you can prefix your search with `%` to search exclusively in the titles of open tabs.

Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I didn't—and I have the feeling that it will *dramatically* increase the number of open tabs I have at any given time.

Signed up for 12 weeks of the Economist (digital + physical). Lets see if this is worth it. First article about Putin was pretty well written.

I kind of like supporting news.

Blog Post. May not be FOSS-related. 

Blog Post. May not be FOSS-related. 

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