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If, tomorrow, a government entity came out and said they found trace amounts of an addictive chemical in hummus, I would not be shocked.

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Trying out Wallabag as a pocket, et al alternative. Looks good so far.

Adding more Linux and BSD ISOs torrents to my NAS' download system to help seed.

Quick search shows that while it would take forever to get to and from work in transit, it would be entirely feasible. Though it has a stopover in a very seedy area.

Ok. Looking into public transportation because fuck cars.

Car battery is dead. Let’s start this weekend off right!


Old farts like me might remember a game from the halcyon days of BBSing. A little thing called Tradewars 2002.

Break Into Chat has a new interview with the creator and developer of the game where he discusses the history, BBSing, and more!

I know the saying "Don't just a book by it's cover", but I do just that with music on Bandcamp. It pulls me in to listen.

Personal crap, blah blah 

Personal crap, blah blah 

Okay, so list of things to self-host someday:

- NextCloud
- Bitwarden
- Wallabag
- Git Server (Gitea or Gitlab)
- Website?
- Mumble Server
- Mattersmost?

@brandon Did you have a list of ideas for your 100-days of writing? I find it difficult to come up with stuff to write about and was looking for tips.

Sigh. Another one bites the dust. Or more accurately, bites the hand that feeds. More useless subscriptions.

Been reading SCP wikis all day. I keep coming back to reading these occasionally and I get sucked in, like a good book.

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