How has Atom grown, recently? I remember back before VSCode was a thing, Atom was slow and not really that great...

I am rubbish with birthdays and dates - can't remember 'em. To the point that I, after mixing up my husbands birthday with Hitlers three years running, tattooed it on my knee.

Called my mum yesterday to brag how I had written up her birthday on our calendar this year so I wouldn't miss it reading off it: "29th of May - mums birthday" she and my husband both goes in unison (one via phone the other IRL): "You idiot, its 27th of May" and laugh at me.

I don't understand why these GNOME guys needed to make this. Why not actually reach out to the developers of the distros that ship custom stylesheets rather than complain to everyone else?

I need a bit of inspiration to get working on my website overhaul. Monster Hunter: World has its claws (ha!) in me pretty deep, especially since I got it working again on Linux. I've been working on it in CodePen, but I've got to get over the hurdle of organizing and getting things transitioned.

Problems with remind(1):
- No integration with caldav/ics.
- Duplicates too much at(1) functionality.
- Ships with a tk interface no one uses.
- Internal language is arguably too powerful; vastly complicating the code for features that go unused.

Forgot how finicky some CSS features are and how maddening it can be to implement a feature without "divitis".

Conference rooms and offices with that equipment are often over-engineered crap.

New camera bag came! Now I can fit all my camera crap in a sling bag. Monopod is coming tomorrow. Good times!

MHW leshen fight is not fun. Boring repetition of attacks and just unfun mechanics. Neat to see Geralt. Crappy to fight an unfun monster.

I have a GPG public key (hosted on my website), but I never use it. Does anyone send encrypted/signed email anymore?

I wish Outlook would show me that I have nothing on the calendar today in the sidebar. I thought I was getting a free lunch today, but turns out it's next Wednesday. Not entirely Outlook's fault, but clearer UI would be helpful.

Sick. Probably should go home, but I can't due to carpooling. Blah.

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"Intel has a new vulnerability..."

I should probably just get rid of some of my devices so I don't have so many to update every time there is some major issue (which seems like it's almost weekly)

Got Proton working with Monster Hunter: World! I was at "the cutscene". Due to some generously donated MF dlls, I was able to get past and save it. I even played as Geralt in the crossover quest. Happy days!

I'm thinking of starting a video mini series that educates parents (and a subset of adults that look after children) on the ins and outs of parenting their child in a world where social media is so prevalent.

What topics/realms of interest would you like to see covered if I were to do such a thing?

Is this something you'd be willing to support financially/donate to? I would be doing it with or without funding, though funding would allow me to make it a little more polished.

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