I couldn't sleep so I decided to start optimizing my CSS a little more by removing (almost) all the classes from Jekyll's base minima theme:

Thanks @thumb and @kev for the inspiration. Time to sleep...

@metalune @ndanes @kev The html looks elegant and easier to manage. It’s easy to switch out themes with minimal work. For me personally every byte I can shave off is kinda obsessive ☺️.

@thumb @ndanes @kev oooh I guess that makes sense, I just avoid using ANY CSS

@metalune That’s extreme 😅! I haven’t checked out your source yet but is it because your want your site to work in Lynx as well?

@thumb not quite, I just haven't found a use for CSS yet, reminds me I actually have 5 lines of CSS for because of the background and foreground colors

@metalune @thumb @kev As I've gotten more comfortable with CSS/SCSS, a lot of the base classes in the Jekyll Minima theme seemed unnecessary for how I wanted to design my site. Even after I removed classes and updated the SCSS to maintain (most) of my design choices, I find that the site almost looks the same while being leaner.

More recently in my life I've embraced "do more with less" and I want my site to reflect that :D

@metalune @ndanes @thumb I’m not worried about CSS classes. The point of my project is having something with sensible defaults that can be built on top of.

Classes are great, Simple.css just gives a nice base to build on.

@ndanes Nice work! You shouldn’t lose sleep over it though 🙃.

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