Looking for good app to sync Android texts with the desktop. I've been using Signal for SMS on Android but their refusal to incorporate SMS in the desktop app is a fatal flaw, especially as I see more and more people dropping it alltogether. I still do 99.9% of all computing on my laptop, though, so syncing SMS is a hard requirement (so much so that I fear I might have to go back to Mac and iPhone).

I should add that I've tried Pulse SMS but it doesn't work at all on my laptops (just a white screen). Anyone have suggestions for something else that works?

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@chris I also use Signal for my SMS app, but sort of have a workaround for sending SMS with a combination of two solutions:

1. KDE Connect via using the "reply" feature using the notification; note that the Send SMS feature doesn't work consistently/correctly due to the Signal's internal SMS database.

2. Mirror my screen using scrcpy: github.com/Genymobile/scrcpy

I use this in most cases as it is the most seamless for my use case. Copy and pasting text between the devices seems to work too.

@ndanes Thanks! KDE Connect seems like exactly what I need. I've had to install Pulse SMS on the phone, for now, to make it work (you weren't kidding about how bad Signal is at SMS) but this might be just what I was looking for.

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