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If you have COMPLETED please let me know so I can add you to the hall of fame I'm adding to the site.

I need you name, URL and the month/year you completed it please.

Boosts appreciated.

Finally replaced my Google Mesh Wifi router with a [used] Linksys Velop AC2200 :D

(came with two additional satellite mesh points too)

One of my last major dependencies on Google is complete. I just need to get the rest of my accounts tied to my Gmail and figure out what I'm going to do about Google Messages/RCS...

For folks looking for a completely FOSS and reproducible build of the Signal client, consider Molly, a hardened Signal fork:

Connects to signals' server and there is a 100% FOSS build option. Planning to test it myself hopefully soon!

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Got a bit more philosophical today, but some days just are like that, some thoughts on skepticism :)

Just upgraded my service to the paid subscription. I will be blogging about this once I reach 30 days about my experience (as an alternative to Google Voice).

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Realized I haven't posted a pup photo in a while :D

I ended up switching back to Firefox (nightly this time); too many websites just straight up didn't work and load/scroll extremely slowly. I'll keep an eye on the project as I think it has a lot of potential, but not now :(

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After some more thought, I think an i7 from the 6th/7th gen series intel stuff might be more than enough for what I needed for..

I might start looking at Thinkpads from this era since I think they started using USB-C charging in that era.

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Although there's not really a used option for it and it has a barrel plug, I am considering the System76 Lemur Pro.

I owned one of their netbooks A LONG time ago, they're based in Colorado (like me) and coreboot seems like a unique feature compared to the other options.

It would cost more but at least RAM and storage would be guaranteed to be upgradable.

I think @tychi might have one? Or am I misremembering old toots?

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Uses for machine (I should have mentioned):

* General web browsing
* Writing/Editing for my Website
* Potentially compiling/writing/using some scientific codes but trying to use binaries where I can (likely going to use a Debian-based distro in this case)

I forgot to mention battery life: I'd like 4-5 hours or more, so that should be possible I would hope.

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Things i've considered:
* Dell XPS 15
* Thinkpad X1/T series (preferably at least 8th gen intel series)

Prior to this, I had a Lenovo Yoga 730 with an 8th gen i5 and 8 gb ram, but it was a little sluggish for what I wanted to use it for and the typing/touchpad experience wasn't the best (gave it away).

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I think I'm ready to buy a laptop if anyone has recommendations

* USED (Trying to be more green)
* (at least) a Quad-core (U-series fine): i5/Ryzen 5 are fine
* 14-15" FHD/QHD screen
* If upgradeable:
+ 8 gb RAM
+ 256 GB SSD
* If not upgradeable:
+ 16 gb RAM
+ 512 GB SSD
* NO NVIDIA (Intel or AMD graphics are fine)
* USB-C Charging / No barrel plug
* <$1000
* Linux-friendly

* Thunderbolt 3
* Standard Display out (HDMI, DP, etc)


Political/Social Opinion 

I was reminded today how much privilege I'm in to take action on things I care about. It's good in principle to make change, but it doesn't necessarily help the world.

However, I don't believe individuals can be expected to deal with the problems largely created by corporations, whether that be privacy, environment or content moderation.

I really hope the US antitrust cases go somewhere because we need these things to be seamless for people for real change.

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I couldn't sleep so I decided to start optimizing my CSS a little more by removing (almost) all the classes from Jekyll's base minima theme:

Thanks @thumb and @kev for the inspiration. Time to sleep...

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