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@codeberg users,

I finally made an account and want to migrate my (archived) private Github repo's from graduate school over to Codeberg.

What is the easiest way to do this? I should note that none of this repo's are on any of my local machines at the moment.

RSS reader of choice for Linux? I've tried NewsFlash and FeedReader but it feels a little clunky for me.

Don't need a cloud option; I use syncthing to backup/restore my OPML file from Feeder on my phone.

Would prefer something GTK over QT based, but also open to a TUI.

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I'm here because I removed myself from almost all social media over the last few years and the pandemic made me miss having a community. As a lover of Linux and FOSS this seemed like a great fit.

I've officially released my static HTML webpage using Jekyll and hosted by my email provider, Fastmail (for now).

Thanks to @hund @kev @chris @yarmo @mike for your own websites/blogs for inspiring me to take a few hours to get this setup and maybe start routinely blogging.

That said, I haven't blogged since my teenage angst years of Xanga/Live we'll see how this goes.

Anyways, here's a link to the first post:

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If you need an image host, look no further than

Just deleted one of my oldest online accounts,, which I've had since 2005. I was originally trying to recover all that scrobble data and move it to (which I've started using), but sometimes it's better to just let go of things!

Also experimenting not using Spotify for a bit and focusing on my bandcamp + Google Music (⚰️ ) purchase collection for general music listening.

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After my home desktop broke with a routine update/upgrade (PopOS 20.04), I decided to go try something more stable. :debian:

Any mechanical keyboard users here on ? Current daily driver is my Keychron K2 with Gateron Red switches and HK Gaming PBT keycaps.

Bandcamp / Self-Promo 

It's Bandcamp Friday, which allows artists to sell their music without fees from bandcamp today due to struggles with the pandemic.

I play music as a hobby, so make sure to buy music from artists that you enjoy today before considering anything I post below.

Here is some of my own music (I play πŸ₯ ):

Broken Record (90's Emo/Power Pop)

Faim (HC/Punk) -

Thieves Guild (Crust/HC) -

Hello! New to @fosstodon! PhD in Computational & Applied Mathematics, but now work as a Computational Scientist, providing application support for HPC users. Always been a big fan of Linux/FOSS, but looking forward to joining a community that shares my interest in it!


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