Remove or uninstall android bloatware apps shipped with your new android mobile phone without root access.

A series of articles/tutorials explaining the everyday useful Linux commands along with the detailed examples.

In this tutorial, we generate ext4 root filesystem from the Buildroot build system, install the additional programs required, write the filesystem to SD card and boot the board using this root filesystem.

In this tutorial, we create squashfs root filesystem, copy kernel, filesystem and dtb to the SD card. We modify U-boot env variables so that the Linux kernel and the filesystem boots from the SD card.

Compile busybox without static building enabled and copy all the necessary shared libraries to run a binary from the toolchain directory to busybox filesystem.

Creating and editing the configuration file for the first user space program, /sbin/int, executed by Linux kernel. Add or modify the init scirpts to be executed at the system startup for Raspberry Pi 3B.

Let's make the Raspberry Pi 3B boot all essential software over network including Linux kernel, device tree binary, filesystem. Ubuntu system acts as server to host all these software.

Generating minimal root filesystem with busybox for Raspberry Pi 3 Modle B. Busybox install basic Linux utilities, an init program and a shell required to make Linux system usable.

This article shows how to cross compile Linux kernel for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, load the kernel and device tree from tftp server every time the board boots up.

Setting up Ethernet communication with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
The step by step tutorial to how to establish Ethernet communication using TFTP protocol with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and to transfer files using TFTP to Raspberry Pi U-Boot.

The boot process is the different stages the system goes through from the powering up the device to start the operating system. This article explains the boot process of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

Create partitions using fdisk tool for any SD card or USB drive. Build a file system in those partitions. In this tutorial we create two partitions, the first one with fat32 filesystem and the second one with ext4 filesystem.

Configure and build a cross toolchain using the crosstool-ng build tool for raspberry pi 3 model b. The cross toolchain is built for aarch64 architecture and uClibc library


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