I watched the SGDQ 2018 panel on the history of TASBot and now I want to start making TAS speedruns of games on Linux. I've got VVVVVV running with libTAS, so I'm all set. Now I just need to figure out how to beat the dumb game.

@naughtrobot Having been in about a dozen different jobs in a decade, I'm distressed how many of them use “DevOps” to mean “the separate team that does the Ops needed by our Developers (who continue to do no Ops)”.

If you have a Developers team, and a DevOps team, no-one is doing .

"I like outages, because it's job security." - Some dumbass Ops guy.

I'm surprised how many people define "DevOps" differently. Is it a job, a culture, or a work of working? Unfortunately most organizations don't seem to do it right if you ask most people at a DevOps conference.

My in-laws showed me their low-tech solution to breaking the kid's cell phone addiction while eating dinner. It's hard to come up with a better solution than making them put their phones in a Tupperware container on the counter. I guess working in the tech industry causes me to forget that there are ways to solve problems that don't require a high tech solution.

I take solace in the knowledge that someone out there is as frustrated using a computer as I am doing any type of home repair. It brings me great joy knowing that each of us thinks the other is an idiot for not gasping the most basic of concepts. 💻 🔨

Don't name your project after common objects. It's a pain in the ass looking up information on the internet. I'm looking at you !

I'm spending my morning creating an outline for an episode I want to do for Hacker Public Radio about DIY podcast hosting on the cheap. At the rate I'm going I'll have enough topics to cover three episodes. So far I need to do an addtional episode on Hugo the open source static site generator since that's what I was using to create show notes for my own podcast.

I figure it's about time that I get back involved with the / community. I've been out of touch with what's been going on these last few years even though I've been using and working with Linux for over a decade. It's time for me to get back to my hacker roots and fall in love with / software all over again. :linux:


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