After joining fosstodon, I have discovered a lot of blogs. I though blogs were a thing of the past. By the way, if you write a blog be sure to leave a comment.

@nattukaran I do write a blog, and I thought so too, but it seems to be the best way to share our thoughts in a longer format than here, and with more freedom than other social media, imo

@joeligj12 I do read your blogs. You are right blogs are the best way to share our thoughts and knowledge. I have been thinking of starting one, but most of the things I am planning on writing have been written by others. I am afraid I will run out of ideas as well. Anyways, blogs are great!

@nattukaran I write a blog, if you are interested i have a link to my rss feed on my profile :) I write about linux/free software mostly

@nattukaran I started a blog a few weeks ago after being inspired by all the blog posts on fosstodon. Link in my profile if you want to check it out

@nattukaran I blog, but I'm also lazy, so I added a "microblog" to my site which encourages me to share shorter posts more often.

@hund I havent found your rss feed tho, *share now*

@joeligj12 Interesting. It's in the footer, but I should perhaps add it to the meta section of each post instead?

@hund oof, I did ctrl+f rss, not feed, so I did not see it xD

@joeligj12 A better way is to inspect the source code and search for xml, feed etc there. :)

@nattukaran I say I have a website but it is a blog really. It is so simple so I don't have anything about RSS or something related.

@nattukaran Recently started to write stuff for my blog-ish site.

@nattukaran With activity pub connection blogs may be still the future.

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