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Adding about:reader?url= before a URL in Firefox will actually let you bypass a paywall of news web sites.
I wish I had known this before.
Demo: about:reader?url=nytimes.com/2021/03/28/us/lee-

This is cool.
GitHub has a feature which will actually generate a 3D model/skyline of your contributions graph.
This is mine.
Create yours at:

Funkwhale is a really cool project. It's an open source decentralized music platform using the ActivityPub protocol.
The music here is different but I have found some good ones.
I hope more musicians and producers will take advantage of this platform.
Currrently I am listening to am.pirateradio.social/library/

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GitHub Satellite - Journey of a project made in India: Hoppscotch

Authy is a popular authenticator app. I have been using it for more than 6 months. It's super simple to use and the cloud sync works really well. But there is no way to export the tokens from the app. There are also no advanced settings. It also requires a phone number.

So I am switching to Aegis. It's a really nice open source app. There are a lot of features as well. It's more secure and looks good.

I have been using Nheko, a matrix client. It's a pretty good program. Nheko is a native app and it is still in beta. But I enjoy using it.
I like it more than the Element electron desktop app.

Odysee.com seems to be a good alternative to YouTube. But the videos don't really load quickly and there is no video transcoding.

I haven't tried the desktop app yet. Maybe that will make a difference.

A video on the revival of the vinyl record. The experience you get with digital music and analog music is different.

🌧മഴ, മഴ, മഴ, മഴ വന്നാൽ ☔

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Deshabhimani is the second Kerala newspaper migrating to Scribus based Free and Opensource software stack for Unicode typesetting & Publishing. Janayugam Daily Migrated in 2019 November.

Today, I watched an a great video on the Apollo 13 mission (a near disaster). I still cannot believe the enormous stress the astronauts and the team on the ground went through. Pretty much all the calculations and instructions were done on Earth. Its still amazing how NASA brought the astronauts back to earth. The engineering behind the mission is just incredible.

Why doesn't mastodon have a AMOLED Dark mode?
To be honest, twitter has a much better interface.

I am taking a break from Mastodon. See you 👋 later.

One of the best thing of Samsung is their ringtone called 'Over the Horizon'. It's a simple six note melody. Each year Samsung releases a new rendition which is preloaded on most of their devices. I love lsitening to it, it's really awesome and cinematic. Listen to it with headphones.

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🤖 Mars has a visitor: #Perservance

after a 472 million kilometer journey, #Nasa 's robotic vehicle landed safely and as scheduled on #Mars.

But did you know that the underlying program #code is based on a multi-platform compatible #opensource #framework called F' (F Prime)?


#science #opensource #robot
#programming #c++

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Thanks to an awesome community K-9 Mail currently ships with support for 47 languages. The next beta release will add a Malayalam translation and increase this number to 48.

If you want to join this effort, head over to transifex.com/k-9/k9mail

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