Hi people. What is the fastest and most reliable SD card I can get that has a capacity greater than 128gb? This is to be used as computer storage.

@nativebreed @tdarb While I'm not necessarily convinced yet that all government agencies should only use open source, I'd say that any government software with a public-facing interface should at least be source code available so people can make sure they can trust it.

Just listened to Episode 178 of . They spent a little time during the show talking about things they love about Linux and FOSS. I think every one of them mentioned the community, and I have to agree. It's one of the things that I think makes great is that it draws from an already amazing community. Thanks to everyone for making Fosstodon all that it is.

@JoeRess @felimwhiteley @degville @8none1

Fixed! 😁😁 I thought, as you do, one last throw of the dice - and boom!

Thank you, askubuntu.com ❤️

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Today is not such a happy day. One of my VM Linux box refused to boot up after an update/upgrade. After an hour or so trying to find a solution, I have decided to temporarily walk away from the problem in the hope that the guys in the deep dark tiny room in the back of my brain will find a solution by tomorrow. 🤞

@nativebreed Absolutely. It would probably be best to even get the government fully open source first - then switching education over.

I don't want to start a gun debate but as someone that lives in the UK, I genuinely can't understand why any non-military would need an AR-15 or any gun that fires more than
one bullet at a time.

When I think of the public owning a gun, all I can think of is ...
Pull > Fire > Reload > Repeat

I have a mixed feeling about companies that publish their opensource projects only in their own git instance. On one hand I like that the since coffee is accessible and FLOSS, but on the other hand they have full control over their code and can take it down of alter the git history.

I think similar to archive.org, we should have FLOSS.archive.org to keep copies of some of these projects for the greater good and future generations.

Sooooo have dropped a pretty big bollock over there (context below). You were supposed to be the good guys, DDG!

There’s always @StartpageSearch, but are they any better? Plus, that purple colour 🤮

Brave is owned by an utter dickhead. Plus, cryptononsense…

What are we to do?


I have this morning come to the conclusion that we are over-selling . After years of wishing to see more from the AI community, I have decided to park my car here for a while. Like the hype, the AI, I feel has come to the end of the road, for me at least.

I want a chip with access to Google's data and computation power implanted into my brain. That for me is AI aka .

I could be wrong but I doubt it.

With the mastodon client web/apps I can see streams from the Local & Federated timelines. Is there a way to set a stream to see only timelines from selected servers/hosts ie, not the entire fed?

I am seeing more and more people adding he/him she/her this/that on the email footer. What is this about? Why is this becoming at thing? Am I missing out on something here? Is this only in English?

How often do you upgrade your phone? Many years ago, I used to upgrade year, now I upgrade almost every 3 or 4. I think the mobile phone market has ran out of ideas, like the TV market.

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