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Since I refuse to use Spotify I can't do the thing, but here's my most played for the year. Basically it's just a mix between Hozier and Brandi Carlile.

Funny interaction today. Walked over to the burger joint by my apartment for lunch.

Cashier [looking at 2 to-go bags]: You must be Nathan
Me: Yep! How'd you know?
Cashier: Just a guess!
Me: The other one must be for Suzy or someone
Cashier: Nope, you just don't look like a Mike

I'll be back this weekend to get everything cleaned up and merged in, then upload our new strings for our translator community. Keep in mind Vocal should still be considered unstable, but I want to give everyone plenty of time for translations.

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Spent the day addressing the last 2 major remaining engineering hurdles for Vocal's integration, so now it's officially time to celebrate turkey day!

Nice to see Microsoft's new Surface Pro tablet being designed to make it slightly easier for users to upgrade and repair. Really hoping this trend of improved repairability will continue!

Just watched Joker. It's like if a Batman movie were directed by Tarantino and then uploaded to Vimeo.

Petition for "mobile" Wikipedia to just be the default Wikipedia.

Lots more work on Vocal this evening! Can now parse the episode actions from gpodder and sync it with the local db, so episode changes are now officially bidirectional! Also added the option to set up library sync on the welcome screen to build your library from the cloud.

Also, in general housekeeping news, I finally added Issue templates! Hopefully that makes it easier for people to report bugs and add feature requests, and also increases the quality a bit by making sure we get all the info we need.

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Spent the evening working on Vocal's sync. It now can sync episode changes up to the cloud! And the mechanism for retreiving changes from gpodder back down are in place (now to just make it actually acknowledge and remember the changes).

Finally had time this morning to finish Snowden's book, and I'm glad to have one of my long-held beliefs confirmed: Burger King is legit and on the side of the good guys. I think I ought to go grab a Whopper.

"Indeed, one may 'like' Sanders’ populist, pro-working-class ideology that has enticed  —  let me be clear  —  millions of struggling Americans, but being dragged too far left means losing the vote of cartoonish top-hat-wearing-villains, phrenology-practicing conservative centrists, and Democrat-leaning billionaires residing on secret sex-predator-islands, whose only apparent mission is to make the biosphere collapse faster." Camden Paillot is spitting pure 🔥🔥

I'm officially online! Decided it was worth investing in my own cable modem to have and to hold. Called my ISP (Spectrum) and the support rep was super friendly and helpful. Gave him my new MAC adress and boom - life is good!

Apologies if I promised you a reply to an email or a response on a pull request today, I'm still without a "proper" internet connection at the new place so I'm having to go easy on my mobile hotspot. As soon as the bandwidth flows freely again I'll get everything done.

Two non-stop, back-breaking days later I'm (partly) settled into the apartment. Still waiting on my cable modem to show up so internet access is hit and miss. But who cares - time for bed.

I'm just going to say it: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is giving me *super* strong DKC2 vibes, which is the greatest praise I can give it. From music, to levels, to controls. Feels even more SNES DKC than DKCR and TF. cc

If there are any other Linux users out there curious if Yooka-Laylee & the Impossible Lair plays well with Proton, I'm happy to report that it does! No issues at all so far, not even with controllers. Played through the first couple stages. Amazing game!

(And for anyone curious or concerned, I'm not changing jobs - it only adds about 15 mins to my current commute!)

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