Work on Vocal is still going swimmingly. Over the past two weeks I've fixed so many (long-standing) bugs, introduced a new welcome screen, re-wrote the downloads system, and ported the queue over. Still on track for a release in June.

Just came *so* close to being in a car accident. I think the car ran a red light. Just barely avoided a T-Bone by swerving and accelerating. Second-guessing that maybe I ran the light? Such a close call I'm still shaking. Wish we had good public transit so I could avoid driving.

I had no idea that Shortwave has this lovely little winamp-esque mini mode!

A small update to Hypatia is rolling out, which makes interacting with instant answers more pleasant. Get it while it's hot!

@brozek Thank you! I agree, there's a lot to get used to. I think folks would eventually adjust, but it would definitely take some time!

Whipped up a quick blog post today to ramble on about time zones, and my nearly overnight switch to being a supporter of UTC:

If SQL is pronounced "squirrel", postgresql is pronounced "post grey squirrel"

Just realized I said "NTF" instead of "NFT", like, a week later. The shame! The shame!

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The GTK4/libadwaita rewrite of Vocal is going splendidly. At the risk of jinxing myself, I'm ahead of schedule. Nearly every core component is ported. Even managed to add in some long-standing requests, such as variable playback speeds. Aiming for a stable release in June.

@vwbusguy So good! It's one of my partner's favorite movies! They're showing it at our local cinema on Sunday, and I'm taking her to see it!

Just realized there was a typo with 'state' instead of 'stake.' That's going to throw off my whole day!

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@fishfulpenguin @Suzie97 If I'm not mistaken, AppCenter on elementary OS only shows entries from within the AppCenter ecosystem, or debian packages from apt. That said, that might have changed recently, it has been a while since I checked.

@Suzie97 It will still be available in AppCenter (if the elementary team approves it), but we are using libadwaita and focusing on the GNOME platform.

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