@nathandyer Thanks - great post. "I’ve heard it said before that if you know what’s on someone’s book shelf, you know what’s in their hearts."

Also, those who read books online will be giving away "what's on their bookshelf" to the services they use ...

@nathandyer Along those lines ... I'd pay to have a service like being able to download all the day's news to read locally. But as far as I know, news organizations don't offer that option.

@bjb Thanks! I agree! I’ve been saving articles to Pocket to read on an eink screen and it’s pleasant, but it’s a manual process and relies on third party services. Wish it worked like you describe!

@nathandyer great blog post! 👍 Thanks for sharing. Brings back some memories of all the time I spent at our local library growing up. My wife volunteers at ours now but we still need to take the kids there more. So many great resources there that most people don’t know about.

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