Finally got my iPod reformatted with fat32 so I could install Rockbox. While not the best UX in terms of ease of use or navigation, it unlocks so much potential that the stock firmware doesn't have (plus, it's FLOSS) . Native FLAC playback on a 5th gen iPod with the iFlash kit and a legendary Wolfson DAC. It doesn't really get better folks!

@nathandyer I'd love to get my hands on a classic iPod to do something likes this, looks amazing!

@tadan0 With enough patience, it can be surprisingly affordable! I search ebay for 5th gen iPods (they're the ones with the best DAC) for months and months, and eventually found a nearly pristine one for $139 shipped, including the 128GB iFlash kit.

@nathandyer Love Rockbox. Been running it for about 15 years now, initially to get Ogg Vorbis playing on my iPod, and now just 'cause it's excellent. Just a brill project.

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