Does anyone have a remote for Kodi that they particularly like? I have one, but it feels cheap and is missing a few key buttons (like play/pause and skip). Most of the ones you find online are either super cheap or complete overkill (I don't need a full keyboard, just a few reasonable buttons and good construction).

@nathandyer We use Kore, but I have nothing exceedingly positive to say about it. It works.

@unicornfarts Though Kore is the official app, Yatse, a third-party app, is so much better than Kore that it is not even a fair comparison imho @nathandyer

@artfulsodger @unicornfarts Thanks for both recommendations! I'm a pretty tactile person so 9/10 times I reach for a physical remote, but sometimes it's on the other side of the room and an app can keep your butt glued to the couch. I'll check them out!

@nathandyer unfortunately not that I can easily find, it's yeah, either those really cheap, flimsy ones, overkill keyboard on a remote, or proper Logitech K830's that are costly. Nice remotes are tied to Android TV boxes sadly

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