I'm officially online! Decided it was worth investing in my own cable modem to have and to hold. Called my ISP (Spectrum) and the support rep was super friendly and helpful. Gave him my new MAC adress and boom - life is good!

Apologies if I promised you a reply to an email or a response on a pull request today, I'm still without a "proper" internet connection at the new place so I'm having to go easy on my mobile hotspot. As soon as the bandwidth flows freely again I'll get everything done.

Two non-stop, back-breaking days later I'm (partly) settled into the apartment. Still waiting on my cable modem to show up so internet access is hit and miss. But who cares - time for bed.

I'm just going to say it: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is giving me *super* strong DKC2 vibes, which is the greatest praise I can give it. From music, to levels, to controls. Feels even more SNES DKC than DKCR and TF. cc @DanielFore@twitter.com

If there are any other Linux users out there curious if Yooka-Laylee & the Impossible Lair plays well with Proton, I'm happy to report that it does! No issues at all so far, not even with controllers. Played through the first couple stages. Amazing game! @PlaytonicGames@twitter.com

(And for anyone curious or concerned, I'm not changing jobs - it only adds about 15 mins to my current commute!)

In just over a week I'll be living in an apartment in the city (Elizabethton TN). I can't wait! I'll be able to get food delivered, and get fresh groceries, and all kinds of fancy things. I think it'll be a blast.

But I have bigger news: in an effort to a) be happier b) live a healthier and more active lifestyle and c) have more time to focus on my creative/side projects, I'm moving out of my house in the woods that I've lived in since 2012!

Kidney biopsy last week went as well as it could have. Have been resting up and am basically back to normal (aside from not being allowed to lift more than 5lbs for a few weeks and being 3 chunks of kidney lighter than I was a week ago)

Kidney biopsy coming up day after tomorrow. Hopefully the last hurdle to jump through for a while.

I've somehow missed like a month's worth of Mastodon notifications and just happened to notice them all. Sorry I haven't been replying. I really appreciate all the really kind messages of support!

Standard rules of "you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" apply I suppose. Can't say I'm not disappointed though.

Sitting here getting all misty eyed reading the nice comments in the Car Talk article from Jalopnik this week. I still listen to probably 10-20 Car Talk reruns every week. Man, do I still love listening to Tom and Ray. jalopnik.com/car-talks-long-go

Doing my level best to avoid filling my Twitter feed with nothing but health updates (although admittedly it's nearly all I think about these days), but for anyone curious on how I'm doing I made a public Facebook post about it: facebook.com/nathandyer.me/pos

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