I finally did it, I pulled the trigger on a 3D printer. I know what I'll be assembling next weekend!

Finally got my iPod reformatted with fat32 so I could install Rockbox. While not the best UX in terms of ease of use or navigation, it unlocks so much potential that the stock firmware doesn't have (plus, it's FLOSS) . Native FLAC playback on a 5th gen iPod with the iFlash kit and a legendary Wolfson DAC. It doesn't really get better folks!

Does anyone have a remote for Kodi that they particularly like? I have one, but it feels cheap and is missing a few key buttons (like play/pause and skip). Most of the ones you find online are either super cheap or complete overkill (I don't need a full keyboard, just a few reasonable buttons and good construction).

One of the photographers behind one of my favorite wallpapers in elementary OS has their own CC0-licensed photography collection! Check it out: cupcake.nilssonlee.se

Rocking Easter on my own for the first time ever, so I decided to go the nontraditional route with food. Don't mean to toot my own horn, but the ribs were a real winner!

Hold the phone, you have to *pay* to read ISO standards? How is that okay? I know it takes money to develop the standards, but if there's a spec that everybody has agreed to go by, shouldn't that be visible to everyone at no cost?

Everyone, especially those who work in software or computers in general, should take 10 minutes out of their day to watch this Tom Scott video: youtube.com/watch?v=BxV14h0kFs

9 years ago today we released the first version of @elementary@twitter.com OS. Happy birthday to us!

Like many of you, I'm passing time by cooking and stress eating. I made a smashburger last night. This evening I'm giving homemade Japanese fried rice a go.

Most unexpected thing I've learned during the quarantine so far: almost everyone I follow has apparently always wanted to learn to bake bread, and just never had the time. Those loaves are lookin' good, everybody!

After literal decades at this point, how is it that media scanners still can't get the order of Firefly episodes right? Plex, The TVDB, IMDB, they all do it by air date instead of correct episode order.

I can't see my family for risk of COVID-19 exposure, or go eat a rack of ribs at my favorite BBQ joint (my usual method of celebration), so I'm deferring this year's birthday until a later date - but I do acknowledge the fact that today marks my 26th journey around the sun.

Don't know how I missed this moment on my original playthrough of DKC Tropical Freeze, but wow did it make me smile. Thanks for the memories, Cranky!

Me, after having a brilliant idea for a thing I need in my life, finding it on Thingiverse, and then accidentally browsing everything on the site for a solid hour

The web in 2020 is such shit, let's go back to ~2006 and just try again.

Saying goodbye to my UE Mini Boom today. Despite not being waterproof, this thing has accompanied me in almost every shower in every place I've lived for over 5 years. Been dropped countless times from various heights and doused with water often, but kept ticking. Unfortunately it doesn't really charge, and doesn't hold the charge for long when it does, so I'm afraid it's time to replace it.

I always thought people who had surgery and then said they could "feel the weather" were nuts, but my ankle is currently predicting 2-4 inches of snow so what the heck do I know.

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