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@nathand I've been using Kate on Linux so let's see how it works on Windows... I did try Emacs but neither Windows nor Emacs really wants you to use them together.

@bekopharm featured: 6m2 cosy ground floor apartment with garden access, rustic amenities, in a great location, amazing rental potential, €225.000.

"You From the Future" is requesting access to your camera roll.

I still find it amusing that there is such a heavy reliance on terminals.

I'm not bashing the technology. Just noting that despite decades of research and development, which has obviated much of the need for such devices or their more modern emulators, we still have this stack built on much of that foundation.

Why? I know the "new OS" market is generally only research and hobbyists right now, but it seems ripe for innovation.

Don't use product X, it's a mess of spyware, broken features and crap! Use Y!

Y: A similar looking pile of broken features, crap and yes, even some spyware.

Beard balm is nice. It at least keeps me from playing with my beard when I'm nervous.

I make pull-requests on my own Github projects because I want to feel important and cool, tool!

Huh, VSCode allows for staging changed hunks (some sort of joke must apply to this). That's neat. Not something I've seen available, or not easily advertised, in most git porcelains.

I mean, I don't like Amazon as a storefront, but man, AWS makes it dead easy to interact with their systems.

Society: Marijuana is dangerous!
Also society: Here's some dimethyl ether to freeze warts off, you can do serious bodily injury and probably get high off of the CO2. But don't, okay? That'll be $29.

You know what? Fuck it. It works the way it works. I'll just have to ferry SD cards back and forth. I don't have the money, time or energy to invest in making this work. Back to the junk bin you go, Rpi!

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Turns out I need to update the firmware on my Ender 3 Pro board.

Which, in turn, requires an ardrino and JUMPER CABLES.


Setup and configuring a Octopi for doing 3D prints now. Once we got quacks, there is now an influx of storage parts being requested of me, so I figure I should have something not so… cumbersome as shuffling SD cards around.

Guess who forgot to transfer MX records to the new DNS hosting?

👉😎👈 this guy!

I'm probably a sociopath, or at the very least, a sadist.

I don't even care. I just enjoy feeling.

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