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I guess what I'm saying is that I love exercising what little power I have over people to make them hate me. I want them to hate me because I control this aspect of their lives, and I want them to suffer because they think they're so special and privileged that they can get what they want from me.

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I love telling people "no". I love telling people who think they're important or their issue is important "no". I love making people squirm and huff and stamp their feet. I love watching people get uncomfortable and flustered and mad because I won't budge.

@nathand because it's so lightweight and fast and optimal to write things out of a language to make images blink in a web browser in 1995

Node.js requires the C++ tools on Windows. All 6.8gb of them.

Why am I doing this?

There's all this work to do. I just don't give a shit about doing it, though.

I'm so.. tired. Wish I could go into hibernation for a few months and wake up refreshed.

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BuIlDiNg FoR tHe WeB iS sO eAsY!

Turns out if you try and use a form to trigger an email on iOS (not sure about Android) ... nothing happens. No error, no message. Nothing.

My solution? Hide the form on mobile.


Sqweeeeeee!!! 😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

It finally arrived!

Just joined Fosstodon's patra... pater... patreon!


Next time I make a blog, I'll be sure to have a library of cringy, made up faces that I can use for the featured image. Applied, of course, to weird tiled backgrounds, complete with lots of barely clothed anime girls.

That way I can get all the clicks.

Huh, Edge now has vertical tab + no titlebar mode. Going to see how this works. Not a *huge* amount of saved space, and kind of weird spacing with the buttons...

Playing with -- just like using Firefox to sync bookmarks, but without the second-class citizen feeling from using Firefox.

Paid $11 for a year of Wallabag hosting. Between it and Miniflux, it's a hard sell *not* to have them host.

Looking at, it seems like there are a *lot* of variables in spinning up your own mastodon instance.

I imagine that having more than a hundred or so follows + followers would overwhelm the 'moon' plan.

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