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You will need to use Microsoft Access for this assignment. If you do not already have this installed on your computer, [...]

😷 🤢 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮

Anyone have experience with runnit vs openrc vs s6? I was looking a Atrix and since I've only used systemd (at least, in the last two decades, or so), I'm kind of out of my depth.

I really just want to get a simpler system up and running. I also don't want to have to monkey around with a bunch of crapass sysv scripts.

Also, how hard is getting LVM/encryption up and running in Artix?

If I weren't so dumb and impatient, I'd probably install Slackware.

Been using `doas` as a simpler `sudo` replacement after hearing about it from @sir.

It works with minimal configuration and good defaults. I think I'll keep it, as sudo has lots of features I don't need.

I can, however, see how it's not as attractive in larger environments:

* Lacks extensibility for things like 2fa
* Password failures are immediate, allowing an attacker to potentially brute-force faster (no delayed/variable response time)
* Not *as* battle tested as sudo

Not bad, tho..

I did a thing:


Kind of in a mood today.

My brain feels like a dull butter knife today. I can’t seem to focus.

Guido van Rossum joins

Another one lost to the machine.

EFF: *releases new podcast*.
Also, EFF: Does not include audio in RSS feed enclosure.


ServiceNow ticketing feels like walking up to the bargain DVD bin at Walmart, everyday, and sifting through it to find where you left off reading movie descriptions.

Little organization, utterly overwhelming and completely frustrating.

My ITSM textbook has a couple of pages on Access. This book is entirely worthless.

Listening to: DJ Bitman - Sra. Maria (feat. Tea Time y Rulo)

If anyone thinks that Microsoft's tactics have changed over the past few years, especially the ones where they're all "Microsoft ❤️ 's Open Source", you need to refresh your MS history. It's what they do. It's in their nature to weasel their way into a market and then take over, by hook or crook.

Make no mistake. Microsoft is coming for Linux. It's taken them longer than they'd like, but the tick is already under the skin with GitHub and NPM.

Is Alpine Linux a good distro to run as a daily driver? While I'm happyish with Debian, I'm kind of sick of the custom stuff that is layered in.

Protip: When deleting a symlink'd directory reference, don't include the trailing slash:

DON'T: rm -rf Music/
DO: rm -rf Music

This has been a public service announcement from the idiotic brain of someone, who has once again, deleted his music library.

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