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Why does media management suck so much? I just want my downloaded mp3s organized so I'm not digging around for them. Beets tries to be smart, but fucks it up more often than not. Clementine works okay, but has weird visual glitches and tiny fonts... EMMS does alright, but updating the database is a huge pain in the ass...


Interesting: I've taken to blocking/clearing persistent cookies except for some preferred sites. This means that I am frequently logged out of services. The net effect of all of this is that I'm less tempted to log back in, and am more thoughtful about blindly logging into things, as I've made it slightly more inconvenient.

Praise be to `pandoc`, for I rarely ever have to compose work in a "word processor" anymore.

🙏 Praise be!

Looks like `use-package` is close to being included with ! That'll shave like... 5 lines from my init!


Biology is fascinating -- as long as I'm not having to learn all the minutiae about all the parts.

I think I just need the "executive summary".

QQ: Is time a sort of point along a scale of universal entropy?

Just something rattling around in my head.

Im at the point in this pandemic where putting on jeans and a clean hoodie instead of sweatpants feels like I’m dressing up for a wedding.

Watching -- well, when I can. Lots of calls to be on where I have to talk :(

Standing next to a crazy lady, waiting for the Library to open, listening to her talk about how masks are government control, the vaccine is the mark of the beast and all sorts of various conspiracy theories

All from this site:

From the Unfck the Internet campaign:

Which features facebook and twitter sharing features.

Good god, how tone deaf are they?

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's "anti-establishment friends".

Jumbo Privacy (JS;DR)
Medium 🤦‍♂️

Mozilla, I... I think we need to talk about the kinds of people you're hanging out with...

WebEx shenanigans this morning. Great way to start the week.

Next up: 20 tickets of various issues.

My son loves it, and he wants to make his own. I'm considering making some QR codes that link to a site congratulating them for finding it (including whatever is there).

Lots of choices...

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I did some extending and cleaning up of notmuch, detailed here[1]. I have two "delete" functions. One is 'trash', which gives me thirty days to change my mind. Useful for stuff I've processed, but might need. 'Delete' is a tag for stuff that's just filler crap. That gets killed at the next mail check.

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, again. Showing my "home" screen. I have open with a bunch of notmuch and tabs open. I've taken to using the electron app, simply to reduce the amount of addons in Firefox.

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