My son got a perfect math score for his statewide assessment! 🥳🥳🥳

Syncing of password to keychain/FileVault doesn’t work, frequent if not consistent issues trying to access the JAMF server off network. Weird corporate compliance apps slow already hamstrung laptops down even further. I mean, the network isn’t *hostile* to macs but I’ve seen bar fights more accommodating.

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Mac Lead Tech: oh! Macs are so easy to setup on our network
Me: (x) Doubt

Some of you have a level of privacy paranoia that I don't have the time and energy for. And sometimes I want the tech to keep track of me.

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My website doesn’t respect your color preferences.

@alexandra when you absolutely need something to run at a certain time. Now, if you could just find the bookmark to the crontab generator because no one remembers the stupid arcane syntax around those. Not to mention trying to get sane log collection out of them without using some voodoo like pipeline. Holy fuck I hate crontab.

@alexandra I never did get the hang of mount directives. Services, timers: no problem. I couldn’t get SMB shares mounting automatically on my laptop with them, so I basically wrote a script to mount them (if available) on login instead. I found them really confusing. Seem neat, though. Mounting based on conditions like service need, and whatnot.

iOS Word doesn’t yet support citations. Boo. Oh well, I can add them later.

@wholesomedonut ISM, too. It’s about as exciting as being stuck in a sensory deprivation chamber.

@alexandra why? I genuinely don’t know what the difference is, other than var is usually more data that gets changed a lot or logs

Been kicking around the idea of iPad as a computer, and right now the only real hinderance is updating my static site. Panic decided that their code editor for iPad wasn’t making enough money, so that route is gone. I’m not sure if this 5 year old iPad can handle VSCode in a browser. All I’m really left with is an Emacs client on a shell somewhere. Not great.

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