@tricia The above was euro-centric, there's an US-based initiative as well (and they have way more seeds):

@kensanata @pet84rik Wind-move is the bomb. Built in, simple defaults, works in almost all packages (org, I’m looking at you)

Anyone have a good Linux status dashboard that I can view remotely? I'm no stranger to SSH, but sometimes you want to have a cool looking UI.

I tried m/monit, but it's too much of a slog to get "regular" information out of it...

Making mirrors of the code I use. If this whole YTDL business has taught me anything, it's you can't trust the big providers for anything.

@binyamin That is the sort of question that has an ocean of answers. The high level answer is: It depends. What are you doing? To whom do you want it accessible? What kind of Internet connection do you have? Router? Filtered ports?

I don't think there is "one guide" to get you going, but lots of little ones.

Some of the things you'll need to know:

Once you know about the physical connection, you'll need to move up and see if your router has the ability to allow NAT.

@binyamin Generally, no. Depends on your desired services. You will want to get comfortable with the command line and an distro with a GUI-less install.

For Raspberry Pi, you can get the 'light' Raspbian to get started.

Disney Springs is less crowded, at least nominally. Disney is enforcing mask rules like crazy.

"Nothing says 'free speech' quite as much as a multibillion-dollar corporation with a global monopoly getting its critics shut down."

@binyamin I actually use a Raspberry Pi 3 for hosting. More than enough for my meager needs.

@binyamin Absolutely. Bonus: It comes with it's own keyboard, monitor and battery backup!

@thumb Streisand Effect. People keep distributing it. Torrents, etc.

Whole -dl takedown situation is joke. Wtf, I can download cOpYrIgHtEd content with my browser, mb it's time to send DMCA to Chromium and Firefox?

Thank you for being assholes as usual.

(Now can please move to a less shit platform than github? Thanks...)

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