It's neat embedding documents into other documents. An oft unused feature. Instead of having to make pictures and embed those. I just drop in a Visio document, and ta-da!

A new on this most auspicious of Sundays. Father's Day has been a good time, despite the rain and the humidity it brings.

Been using this WinDynamicDesktop app to do some of the macOS wallpaper cycling. Also included is the excellent Newsflow RSS reader, and a new search box powered by the also excellent Everything.

Today's installment is me, connected to a school Horizon desktop, using VMWare Player to run a specifically crafted Ubuntu VM to run ansible connecting to three Cisco SDR routers that are running on the same machine in VMWare Workstation.

Yo, dawg. I heard you like virtualization...

So frustrating when you're trying to do the assignment, following directions and stuff *still* doesn't work after *hours* of effort.

Got to use OBS to record the whole thing for my professor...

A bit of an early . Chilling, waiting for my lunch and tucking into the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. 😎

, again. Showing my "home" screen. I have open with a bunch of notmuch and tabs open. I've taken to using the electron app, simply to reduce the amount of addons in Firefox.

Haven't done one of these in an age.

, as per usual. I'm running , which now runs an interface for . Notmuch is fed by + from . Yes, POP3. I use for sending email. keeps my news up-to-date (and in emacs). As you might be able to discern, I am using to edit the contents of my notes site[1]. Finally (non-esr) and Konsole! Whew!


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