is getting a only build (no lucid, or other toolkits).


GTK can get bent.

TIL about "insert char" (M-x insert-char -- C-x 8 <ret>)

You can search by unicode name.

Screenshot Sunday coming early this week.

Continuing the Emacs for stuff theme. I really should look into exwm, but KDE does such a good job with monitors...

Actually witnessed Emacs' Appointment mode remind me of my son's baseball practice. I could get used to just using emacs...

Also spent some time customizing ibuffer, very easy to get what I want out of it.


Looks like `use-package` is close to being included with ! That'll shave like... 5 lines from my init!


, again. Showing my "home" screen. I have open with a bunch of notmuch and tabs open. I've taken to using the electron app, simply to reduce the amount of addons in Firefox.

New projects to puzzle out:

- How to share items via email/irc
- How to set the default save directory for attachments from message mode
- Fix my sent items issue where sent items are tagged +inbox +unread in notmuch...

Since setting up to use VLC, I get all the KDE UI goodies about what song is playing, even on the lock screen ❤️

Finally pulled my head out of my butt trying to configure . Turns out you need to spell the variables right to take effect. 👍

Now for my next amazing trick: Homework!

Kind of expected people to just ignore the corpus of their sent mail as a whole. Generally you can hang on to it for a while with little issue.

I'm starting to hang on to it, now that I'm using and , but POP3 doesn't allow me access to other Exchange folders, so I don't have any of my previous stuff. Not a big deal, I suppose.

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now handling , (via notmuch), , , via org mode, addressbook via and just editing files 😀


Sleepy. Though, my setup is going well. Just need to make some shortcuts to tag things faster and to somehow mark any sent items as sent and not back in my inbox...

Okay, so with and seem to be going well. I have a couple of timers[1] for triggering not only the download, but also purging the index when needed.

My biggest concern is access on the phone, but it's not really a huge issue in most cases. If I really cared, I could do something like or for , but is much more my speed.


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