486 dependencies before I got an error saying it requires a newer version of Golang....

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I can't help but feel like this is what modern programs, written in languages like or or are, while watching the download of huge volumes of dependencies at build time.

Disney Springs is less crowded, at least nominally. Disney is enforcing mask rules like crazy.

uncovered; full-frontal; no-filter 

Ladies 😎😉

The beginnings of a Gemini site. I'll need to open the ports and get the server spun up when I get home.

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Browsing Drew's (@sir) site in Emacs, because *of course* someone built a gopher/gemini client.

Had to get my son’s rental cello fixed (bridge snapped). The store that we got it fixed at is really neat.

's "anti-establishment friends".

Jumbo Privacy (JS;DR)
Medium 🤦‍♂️

Mozilla, I... I think we need to talk about the kinds of people you're hanging out with...

, again. Showing my "home" screen. I have open with a bunch of notmuch and tabs open. I've taken to using the electron app, simply to reduce the amount of addons in Firefox.

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