For those who use WordPress as your window into ActivityPub and IndieWeb fronts, how do you manage seeing the timeline? Do you use another bit of software?

I like the *idea* of having everything under my control on my own site, but the array of options and controls and getting supported setups is difficult and frustrating. With Known, it worked, but the whole thing is clunky and poorly supported.

@nathand I’ve been through this process myself. I never actually got as far as having a Micro feed on my site. I had webmentions and IndieAuth working, but that took like 7 plugins to achieve. I didn’t bother taking it any further.

@nathand I also didn’t like how the Indie ecosystem didn’t support Gutenberg, although that may have changed in the interim.

@kev @nathand "they" is _mostly_ one guy working on the most important plugins who is not even a developer by profession. He is working hard to wrap his head around Gutenberg for months now. If only I knew some people who could help somewhat with the process of supporting Gutenberg.

As for the question I pull in Yarns Microsub Server. It's not the best but integrates somewhat into WP.

Indigenous for Android has native Mastodon support by now. Also not the best but good to go.

@bekopharm I’m aware. I sent him donations a few times when i was using the plugins. To me this screams how the IndieWeb will never grow legs. WP has like 40% of the entire Internet, yet there’s only one guy trying to integrate the IndieWeb into it.


@kev thanks for donating - that's quite something 👍

Still read your feed btw - even without the IndieWeb plugins ;-)

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