I feel like the Indieweb is more reactionary to Twitter and Facebook silos than it is to actually enabling real cross-site communication. I mean, Webmention *does* work well, but it's fiendishly difficult to get right, and a lot of sites use or to make it happen, which kind of defeats the purpose (or, at the very least, moves the goalposts).

@nathand It’s really easy to get right: a POST request with `source` and `target` parameters is all it takes! 🤗 (Yes, rendering someone else’s microformatted markup after you’ve received mention of their post is hard—I know all about it!—but optional, too.)

@nathand (The microformats themselves are hard, too, as is getting them inserted semi-automatically, but again: optional. In fact, most of the time, a `u-*` class on a backlink is sufficient to imply a certain post type. 🙃 As for the rendering bit: there’s fairly easy solutions, here. I myself strip all HTML off short webmentions and show them in full—I might also edit them a bit, remove obvious typos and such—while longer ones get displayed just like WordPress pingbacks.)

@jan Yes. Here's a question: Why am I parsing HTML *AT ALL*? I should have two parameters, three at most, pushed to me to process and spit out in some way that is meaningful.

@nathand I’m not sure. I always understood Webmention itself as little more than, “Hey someone <over here> has, in one way or another, mentioned your page <over there>, and what exactly you do with that information is up to you.” The spec’s kinda explicit about processing them asynchronously, though, to minimize server load (and improve security), so that could be a reason, I guess.

@jan @nathand does anyone really? I mean the async part?

Used a queue for my own provider but the target is basically going down so I never finished writing it.

@bekopharm Sort of. Well, I basically have my "controller" check that there's two valid URLs and then store these. Then sometime later I have a "job" fetch and "parse" the source page, and it does this for only five mentions at a time. @nathand

@nathand Exactly why I wrote my own webmention and pingback receiver and sender in Go:
It's super easy to use yourself provided you have a server running somewhere. Give it a go!
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