Sitting here, looking at the Windows 11 ISO I just downloaded. Wondering if it's worth upgrading to. I don't *think* it offers me anything over 10, and while I have daily backups, I'm not sure I have it in me to reinstall Windows versus Debian or whatever. I'm so over computers.

@nathand noooonononononononononono.

It’s been nothing but a pain in my behind at work.

It’s just windows 10 but round. And with WSL2 preloaded.

I literally cannot think of a benefit that comes from using it over Win10.

@wholesomedonut @nathand
"it's just Windows 10 but round"

I fully 100% agree with this!

@nathand We'll probably upgrade... ... in 2-3 years when it gets stable :p For my work machine, I just want it to work, really. I'm not looking forward to the time that we may have to upgrade.

@nathand Do it later, when you actually feel like it. Or never, if you never do feel like it.

Installing a desktop OS should be a fun experience, don't waste it.

@nathand Windows 11 isn't made for desktop users. It was made because phones are slowly eating the PCs and Laptops marketshare and Microsoft doesn't want that the Windows brand lose much relevance.

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