I haven't had enough bad tech opinions recently

HTML should have been killed and replaced with XHTML and most problems with the Web nowadays can be traced back to the failure of the XHTML2 development process and the creation of WHATWG and HTML5

@alexandra I think everything from HTML 2.0 (IETF WG) on was a mistake. We had basic tag soup and IMG. That's all you need.

@nathand@fosstodon.org @urusan@fosstodon.org @mdhughes@appdot.net I'm very conflicted about Gemini because it feels like partially a step in the right direction, but at the same time it feels like it cuts out too much from the current Web. I think forms and metadata and so forth have a lot of value and not too much opportunity for insane things to happen.

@alexandra @urusan @mdhughes I think it's the point of Gemini to do so. Their umbridge with the current web is that it's *too* inclusive. When everything is a standard, nothing is.

There are decent arguments to be made in that direction, but this just cuts off the nose to spite the face. Forms and metadata are how people *interact* on the web. I don't throw open a raw socket and sling bytes to hopefully chat with my friend, much as I'm sure Gemini's authors lament.

@nathand @alexandra @urusan @mdhughes@appdot.net

Gemini isn't meant to replace the web. It's better to look at it as an improvement on gopher (especially the page markup language), and a small place where monetization is nigh impossible.

Everyone thinks that gemini is just perfect, except this one missing feature. But that one missing feature is never the same and including them all would just be an exercise in re-inventing the web.


@nathand @alexandra @urusan

Yeah, forms would be good. And inline links. And auto-loading images. And chunked, resumable transmissions. And cursive text. And e-tags or similar. And referer headers. And tables. And LaTeX mathematical notation. And stylesheets.

All of these are suggestions (sometimes worded as demands or with arguments like "gemini is useless without this!") that have showed up on the mailing list. Must-have features that gopher has done fine without for decades.


@alexandra @urusan @nathand I like the idea of server-side forms, but there's a slippery slope from there to CSS styling every element and doing JS validation. And it's definitely possible to abuse them (esp. hidden fields) to track users.

@mdhughes @alexandra @urusan @nathand I don't think so. You can be purely semantic and still have a wider array of semantic things.

@mdhughes @alexandra @urusan Oh, absolutely. I was very careful to say that HTML5 is not so bad. Markup only. CSS and JS muddy the waters.

@alexandra @urusan @mdhughes @nathand Doesn't gemini have forms? I remember filling in some kind of search box when I had a look at it.

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