@kev @cooper @mike @Gina Is the star button mis-named? It doesn't usually signify a Favourite toot, but instead seems to me to mean Thanks For TheToot, Thumbsup, I Agree, I Acknowledge, That's Interesting, Me Too, or My Face Is Wearing A Smile. I don't think it means I Like either because the FB Like is evil. It also can be seen by everyone, whereas the star is only seen by you and the tooter?

Also not turning the star yellow possibly means disapproval to some people. Are changes are needed?

@gud @kev @cooper @mike @Gina
Sometimes it is better when things are not too complicated. If you want to approve, disagree etc. you can toot.

@rudolf @kev @cooper @mike @Gina Yes, but the word "Favourite" is confusing because I'm sure that those people who favourited my toots did not usually mean my toot was their favourite one. They meant approve, agree, thanks, me too, good toot etc. It's only now that I'm starting to feel comfortable with the star button. Previously, I probably confused some people because I didn't yellow the star.

In other words I think Favourite is the wrong name for the star because it confuses newbies.


@gud Might be easier to point these out on the Mastodon repo, or to @Gargron, the principal developer of Mastodon. Fosstodon is just an instance of said.

@rudolf @kev @cooper @mike @Gina

@nathand @gud @Gargron @kev @cooper @mike @Gina
For me, the star button is like if you say something and I nod.

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