Married White Male and Linux Enthusiast, looking for a svelte, minimal window manager (no primary tiling, please) that works great with a mouse or keyboard;

Likes simple configuration and window decorations. X or Wayland compatible. Must be able to handle multiple monitors (mostly just external) simply.

Serious responses only.

@nathand CWM, from OpenBSD. It belongs to the evilwm family - no titlebars, just a 1 pixel border. Mouse and keyboard controls. Built-in run-dialog. Completely usable without creating a config file at all (so long as you're ok with xterm as your terminal). Config file is simple if you do write one.

@nathand Some descendant of TWM should be able to do this. IDK the family very well but I used TWM and VTWM a lot, and they are pretty configurable and both mouse and keyboard friendly. These are sadly too old to handle e.g. how Firefox (ab)uses X windows, but WMs like Openbox and FVWM (IIRC) derive from the TWM family and should be fine with multiple displays. IDK about the "simply" part tho.

If you want something fancier Cinnamon is pretty and minimally terrible. Even has VCSable ~/.cinnamon

@nathand Gonna just put this here for completions sake because I like the window manager (but I doubt it fulfills your criteria). DWM is a suckless window manager for xorg.
dwl is the Wayland equivalent.

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