Data loss due to corrupt disks yesterday on two client machines.

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Also: If you use Outlook. Offline PST files are time bombs. Back your shit up.

Back it up.

Do it now.

I'll wait.

Look, I'm even doing it with you.

There is no reason not to do it.

Back it up.


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Welp, i know what i am doing when i get home

@nathand set up regular automated backups, monitoring to tell you when they fail, and TEST THEM. Until you've done a dry-run of a backup restoration it may as well not exist

@sir I agree with the testing part. Absolutely essential. I don't run enough stuff to do automated (largely) with monitoring, but I *do* test by picking a random backup and extracting the bejeezus out of it.

Borg (incidentally, as that is what I use) has `borg check` which I run after a backup to ensure everything is all set.


I really have to back up.. I haven't backed up for a month now.. :blobeyes:

@nathand isobel's second law of backups, "If it isn't automated, it's not a backup, it's a snapshot."

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