May one day port some of the tricks I’m using to “greatly” simplify my “WordPress IndieWeb experience” to an add-on plugin, or a theme, or both. Or at least better document how I do things like set titles (yet “hide” them on the front end) for notes, to make for a more convenient back-end browsing experience. As an alternative to Post Kinds, perhaps, and existing themes. (And then make the whole thing Gutenberg-compatible. 😬)


Too bad this got closed. Being able to easily add a class name, like `u-bookmark-of` is a pretty big deal. (It's why I stick with the classic editor's HTML view, typically.) But we'll find a way.

We're gonna just do it by hand, then ("Edit as HTML"). But it's easy enough to programmatically create, say, a paragraph block with such a link in it, like when we post thru Micropub.


@jan I mean, you could create a plugin that registers some microformatted blocks, but that seems like a bit much. Too bad they didn't consider the esoteric use-case of adding ✨ classes ✨


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