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I uh. So I made a mistake in leaving.

I liked being here and I overreacted.


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Not only did @Gina recommend Ted Lasso, but now it's nominated for a Gloden Globe.

Coincidence? Have we ever seen her and the Golden Globe committee in the same room at the same time? 🤔

No, no we have not. She's also got that mask on... WHAT IS SHE HIDING???

Posting this not because I know a damn thing about Sailor Moon, but the animation is priceless.

Good job getting through St. Valentine's Day. Now, for our next over saturated, fattening holiday(s)!

- St. Patricks Day
- Easter


> 2020: Here comes the coronavirus that'll kill millions before it's done. Top that, 2021!
> 2021: I'mma have the Capitol riots, Trumpianism, and Shaq tag-team wrestling in JAX.

If three guys get together and create a band...

... do they become the Beastie Boys?

Been testing out Microsoft 365 Bookings for internal ticket scheduling.

Instead of doing the email dance around availability, I just send them to this page, they pick a date and time and away we go.

New pen(s) day.

The very fresh Kaweco Sport Lavender, Collectors edition and Platinum Plaisir Nova Orange (also pretty recent release)

Beginning to feel like mastodon is not my kind of place anymore.

Filtering out a bunch of toots with techbro content, like Gemini or other trash-tier content don’t @ me.

Exactly what I needed. I was struggling with Ultron and waltzing through Risky Business.

Time to try it out

Very Quick Marvel Champions Villain Tips

Can I interest anyone on the in a FREE DRONE? It's a few years old, barely used because no one knows how it works, and it's pretty crappy 😅 supposedly there's a camera in it, but again, I have no idea how it works. We did get it to fly!

If interested I'll send it via parcel service (postal fees apply).

Feeling a bit better today. Got a lot of work done. Also: read some mad shade throwing from my copy of Practical C. Despite being published in 1997, is still remarkably good.

I feel like filtering out the privacy hashtag entirely.

It's really annoying to hear I'm doing everything wrong, especially when - news flash - I don't care. It's *my* privacy. Please stop preaching.


I am so tired of my rights being put up to a fucking vote. God-damned churchies.

Spent a bunch of time watching youtube videos. I think I need to find a new workspace. One without social media access and one without access to the general internet.

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