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I uh. So I made a mistake in leaving.

I liked being here and I overreacted.


@kev @mike @cooper @Gina @bekopharm @brandon

Fixed it with a map. @bekopharm Let me know if that works, or if you have another URL that should be remapped.

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Ugh, having problems with redirection regexp in . Just want to redirect (feed|index.xml) to a different URL.

Joining the London meeting for talk and just general website tomfoolery.

Co-worker is unhappy with the levels of petting being done. She requires more pets purr minute.

Trying out @fribbledom 's Telephant client. Runs without any extra dependencies installed on Debian Stable. Of course, I'm using KDE, so that helps.

US Politics; White Supremicists 

> TRUMP: Proud Boys, stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what: Somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left. Because this is not a right-wing problem — this is a left-wing problem.

What? What the actual fuck? Is he seriously signaling to the Proud Boys??

Imagemagick, ffmpeg, and tex - the holy trinity of content creation

Sleepy. Though, my setup is going well. Just need to make some shortcuts to tag things faster and to somehow mark any sent items as sent and not back in my inbox...

Sorely tempted to go back to 1Password, due to the grief my wife gives me over Bitwarden, $60/yr vs $20/yr is a lot, but I don't have to hear about it every time the iOS app fails to sync when she expects it to.

Naturally, it compiles it for AMD64 and not ARMf


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Compiling bitwarden_rs on my laptop for my Rpi...

It uses docker 🙄

Bitwarden needs the ability to mass organize items. I don't want to click through 400 passwords to move each one into the right group or folder.

Pull up to the club like what up ladies I'm sapphire in Duolingo

I guess emacs can't be expected to do *everything* for me...

What is with project managers believing they're above policy and procedure?

No, I cannot modify this new hire account because someone didn't give them the first time sign-in paperwork. That's not my department. They'll have to contact help desk, JUST LIKE YOU DO.


The Ikea Home of Tomorrow, an interesting project with a lot of plants in the house, I still wonder how big of a house you need to have for such projects and how long it takes to maintain all of that ^^

Brought to you by the email wizards at Microsoft 365. And the Letters F and U.

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Strong wording; iOS; Passwords; 

Normal iOS Apps: Um.. er.. pardon me, if you have some time, could you update your password so you can get background updates?


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