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I uh. So I made a mistake in leaving.

I liked being here and I overreacted.


@kev @mike @cooper @Gina @bekopharm @brandon

Forum posts with links to code on a broken old Dropbox link.


DSM7 is available for my NAS. Any reason why I shouldn’t upgrade?

Me: *takes pill the size of a couple of grains of sand to not be a mental case*
Also me: *takes several giant pills/supplements to try and lose weight and build muscle*


by that I mean, of course, for us plebs without mountains of cash to spend for a fancier word processor.

Leg day. Why did it have to be leg day?

I know I did arm day last time, but man leg days suck for me.

It wouldn’t be a proper Monday if seemingly inane issues slid entirely off the rails and into a heavily populated residential neighborhood.

All the VC equipment is acting funky, and all the devices are blue screening.

Yeah. It’s Monday.

Canceled a trip to Disney next weekend because of the massive spike in COVID cases here in FL. Also, Orange County declared a state of emergency because of it.


OneDrive has a ‘On this day’ feature, showing photos from the same day in previous years. 6 years ago, I was on an Interrail trip and we were in Venice. Two years later, I was on Interrail again, this time in Lyon. Happy memories!

I guess I’m full on breaking my detox. Oh well, question for the :

How much, approximate, horsepower would I need to run the following (either virtually via VPS, or on something like a Pi):

- Mastodon
- Keycloak
- Wordpress
- Matrix
- Bitwarden
- Miniflux
- Gitea

For 1-5 users, max. Ideally, I’d like to have centralized user login via LDAP or something else. Possible? Sane? Cheap-ish?


Sick to death of technology today. Might pull a @Gina and get myself clean.

Bored. Feeling like I need retail therapy. Welcome to capitalism.

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