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I uh. So I made a mistake in leaving.

I liked being here and I overreacted.


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Developers: Hey kids! Do you like math and science? Well, I have a treat for you!

✨ A L G O R I T H M S ✨

Hoo boy, I sure love me some maths. 🤮

I love how when you get sick, everyone gets mad at you. Like you made some sort of selfish decision.

Yeah, I *want* my throat to feel like it's full of itchy spikes. I *wanted* to cough up a lung every couple of minutes.

Of course, it's actually about work. People don't like to see someone "idle". Despite me being sick, I'm sitting in front of my work laptop handling tickets. However, I'm not physically in the office.


Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

Working on help desk is a game of two priorities:

First: Issues coming in are all "OMG EMERGENCY 🚨🚨"
Second: Issues being redirected to teams who don't deal with "the users": "😒 yeah, i'll look at it eventually..."

Yay! I patched my number guess game to work on Windows. I'm pretty sure I could have done it more intelligently, though.

Thunder is a great VSCode extension. I know there is a cool HTTP tool for the IntelliJ series of editors, but this is great, too.

Linux: Build everything yourself
Windows: Build some stuff to fix the broken stuff
Apple: Use it this way or not at all

Trying to figure out how to work the Mastodon API via Python. I think I need to generate a token for each new request, but why is there a token already generated in the preferences?

Today's installment is me, connected to a school Horizon desktop, using VMWare Player to run a specifically crafted Ubuntu VM to run ansible connecting to three Cisco SDR routers that are running on the same machine in VMWare Workstation.

Yo, dawg. I heard you like virtualization...

So frustrating when you're trying to do the assignment, following directions and stuff *still* doesn't work after *hours* of effort.

Got to use OBS to record the whole thing for my professor...

Ansible is kicking my ass in this assignment 😡

Touch screen convertible laptop was actually a boon today. Had to walk the floor for a bit and I was able to be productive.

Windows is still not a good touch screen OS. Too many fiddly small buttons.

This is my biggest hurdle to programming. I don't have many "itches to scratch" to practice in my down-time.

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Kicking around the idea of creating a python script to connect to Steam, HumbleBundle, GoG,, etc to get a list/count of how many games I own, and what overlaps.

Got a ticket:

Priority: Low
Summary: I'm having trouble with MS Teams


I got asked why I set the ticket priority to low on this hard-down ticket


Nothing in the ticket screamed hard-down, nor did I set any of these priorities, help desk did.

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