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I uh. So I made a mistake in leaving.

I liked being here and I overreacted.


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running dwm. Seems okay, again, after monkeying around in the config.h file. Have a weird gap around the outside of Firefox (and only firefox).

According to Spotify, my top song for 2020 was… oh, wait. I don’t use Spotify.

@nathand `apt install --no-install-recommends weechat-curses`

:debian: :+1:

Me: *Clicks on a link that is supposedly a picture, posted to twitter*

MS InTune: You need to set a passcode before you can sign into company resources.
Me: *Types 8 digit passcode to unlock the phone to check the previous message*


My son is going to flip out:

> Hello Parents, I just wanted to let you know that we will not be able to have our regular schedule tomorrow because I will be attending a Minecraft Education training.

*Attenborough voice* Here we see a pack of social media users who are struggling to acclimate to this cramped and restrictive environment. Starved of external stimulus, they are forced to seek any means of entertainment necessary.

These individuals, with no better source of entertainment, are forced to make jokes about their own excrement. Others were not quite so lucky. With the feed already saturated with toilet humour, they must resort to causing drama for no reason. The conflict will be swift, but brutal...

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I'm sure they'll still be packaging non-gtk builds (like Lucid), but that means less eyes on them. I guess I'll be switching to TUI.

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is getting a only build (no lucid, or other toolkits).


GTK can get bent.

Ugh, webshit. Webshit everywhere.

Lets take hundreds of megabytes, if not gigabytes of data to display some text in a chat-format.


80-characters hard limit is just as arbitrary as not setting a limit. There is sensible middle ground here. I wouldn't want to see tiny function names and variables that don't provide any context. I also don't think something like the Java ecosystem of novels as function names is helpful either.

There should be a warning at 80 and a critical error at 120. Those should be a review point. Can these be broken up? Is there a reason why it went over these numbers?

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