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I uh. So I made a mistake in leaving.

I liked being here and I overreacted.


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Thank goodness that my Biology class is remote. I couldn’t stop saying “Dino DNA” every time she mentioned DNA.

Double-downing on this fact is that we're all seemingly pretty comfortable letting a select few publishing houses actually provide that information. Not only ensuring that one version of things is taught, but also that we're okay with duopolies or cartels.


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Ah, proprietary school book services. Because we, as a species, seem to think that restricting access to knowledge is a good thing.

Just donated to Wikipedia. $3.10/mo is not much, but I use their site almost every day.

Idea: take @brandon 's bot and create one that just searches for swears, and then responds "NOT ON MY CHRISTIAN SERVER!" and then blocks them.

Okay, it needs some work.

I think the idea behind @plausible is great, but goddamn stop spamming the local timeline. We get it, you're not Google Analytics. Fantastic. Oh? Apple Safari likes you? Wow, shocking. We heard it. It's spam now. It seems to come from both @plausible and @markosaric (an employee)

Me: *Allows user to install application, closes ticket with instructions on how to install app*


User: Hey, how long does that permission last? I have training today and need this program installed ASAP.
Me: 🤦 😡

uMatrix's repository has been archived and development has been discontinued:

"Whoever is free to fork under a new name -- I may re-open and resume development in some future if ever I feel for it."

Even though I've closed out my Reddit account ages ago, I *still* am tempted to type the address in my browser. Old habits die hard.

Color reproduction on my laptop monitor <<<<< My docked display.

Wow, my website coloration is *entirely* different.

talk like a pirate day 

the public domain has been stolen from us by paid-for legislation and piracy is a form of civil disobedience

proposal: All passwords must include at least one emoji.

Rationale: Password strength depends most strongly on length + alphabet length.

Alphabet length for various character sets:

ASCII lowercase: 26
ASCII letters + numbers: 62
ASCII printable: 90
ASCII uppercase + emoji: 1,329

And which of these passwords would you rather have to remember?

(entropy: 2.8×10²³ bits)

(entropy: 1.13×10²⁶ bits)


The final nail has been firmly hammered into the coffin of freedom and democracy in the United States. It's time to pack your things and leave. It's over.

Thanks, eFollett, for charging me $114.75 for an access code to RedShelf 🙄

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