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I uh. So I made a mistake in leaving.

I liked being here and I overreacted.


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Actually witnessed Emacs' Appointment mode remind me of my son's baseball practice. I could get used to just using emacs...

Also spent some time customizing ibuffer, very easy to get what I want out of it.


People who disregard the order of a zipper merge should be sent to The Hague.

Had to get my son’s rental cello fixed (bridge snapped). The store that we got it fixed at is really neat.

NPR's feed is much better when you fetch the full thing, and select only these nodes: `.imagewrap > img, > p`.

Still kicking around the idea of dumping gitea for something like a simple ssh git server with post-commit hooks to zip things up and serve statically.

I should flesh out this idea.

There is no system but GNU Emacs, and GNU/Linux is one of its kernels.

Obligatory poll

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Kind of torn: Do I continue to use the excellent Basecamp for organizing my school courses, registration, etc.? Or do I put all of that into a series of Kanban board/projects, hosted on my own site?

Basecamp is infinitely simpler, and free because I'm a student; Kanban is also 'free', and self-hosted.

:thinking: :thinking_rms:

New school year, new proprietary platform for knowing what is going on in my son's school. :ac_sigh: 🙄

BBDB and Notmuch don't seem to talk very well, despite the docs saying otherwise 🙄

🥳 Welcome to notmuch. You have 100 messages. 🥳

Spent about an hour responding to personal email. I do so enjoy actually corresponding with people, not just short text bursts.

I think people hate email because they only see it as a chore, not something enjoyable, like writing to a pen-pal or similar.

Snack upgrade:

I was curious today, and decided to try and upgrade one of my recent staples: Graham Crackers + Lite Cool Whip.

I took some cool whip, mixed it in with some espresso (Cafe Bustello) and now I have a coffee iced cream sandwich. 😀

Unexpected tragedy caused by COVID: The creamer in most offices has turned. Anyone going in to the office will need to secure a fresh supply.

My son is playing the original SMB on Super Mario Bros 35. The levels flummox him 😀. Gonna train him up.

Doors are open. Nice weather outside!

JAX: ⛅️ +17°C feel: +17°C humid: 72%

Signed up for Mullvad. Wireguard is neat. Though I wish Debian Stable had it in the repo. Their app is simple enough, though.

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