Finally, configured to work on local network

Ah, so many domains👌

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So I don’t use Chrome but I have Ungoogled Chromium ( as certain things only work under Chrom(ium) and I only just realised Google requires a Google account to install extensions.


Hint: You can bypass this restriction using this the Ungoogled Extension Installer:

The lengths we have to go to in order to protect our privacy from basic everyday things is ridiculous. We need fundamental change. Surveillance capitalism needs to die.

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Ah, yes, that's a bit frustrating.
I couldn't even find any network on qemu related articles, how to set up some bridge, proxy, or whatever.
I'm not enough experienced in network in linux at all.
So, anyone, please give some links on related good articles about that topic.

Anyone using ?
Found it really great replacement of , drop that proprietary garbage!

The only thing is, i want to pass all traffic in vm through , or (im using ).
Any suggestions, articles to read about it, because I didn't find much about it

@ruud Used joplin in past, I really dont like the way it stores my notes, and also that buggy sync...
I want it store them just as plain files but it doesnt

@hund well, pretend i have a bunch of notes moved in related dirs, sub-dirs and so on.
And i want to view tree of all that stuff, automatically generate some another md file with links to all other notes, or whatever smth like this

@hund Thanks, im also using neovim with a few plugins to make it looks better, but don't sure, is there a better way to manage it, than just write in root dir and manually write links there

I really enjoyed taking in , so please, give , about to easily manage and view it
(currently using + preview plugin),

and especially, to publish them as articles.

Hi everyone, I'm glad to be here!
Since I'm not a native English speaker, sorry for it👌.

I'm a big fan of , (especially ), , , , , and other great software I might don't know about.

Hope will be right the place I've been searching for.

Looking for people with shared interests!


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