Anyone using ?
Found it really great replacement of , drop that proprietary garbage!

The only thing is, i want to pass all traffic in vm through , or (im using ).
Any suggestions, articles to read about it, because I didn't find much about it

@nand I wouldn't call the GNU General Public License a "proprietary garbage" though. :)

@nand all the time. As far as your networking issue I suspect you need to setup a private bridge for your VM and then a second "router" like device to connect to the VPN. I suspect it's easier to just run Tails though or embed your VPN connection in the guest machine.

@nand yes, I use AQEMU, very very user friendly GUI for Qemu which works similarly to VirtualBox. I am also looking for VirtualBox replacement until I found AQEMU.

@ademalsasa @nand oh that's awesome. I was just thinking that I needed to switch off of VirtualBox to QEMU. I'll try that out. Thanks!

@djsumdog hello, you are welcome. I am virtualizing just plain PC so that I can review more GNU/Linux for and my book I am currently authoring. So I do not know about SPARC.


@nand Yes, I use it on my laptop to run a completely separate system when I have to use zoom. My wife runs VirtualBox on her laptop for the same reason, and I seem to have fewer issues, so I must swap hers over. I use virt-manager, but based on @ademalsasa suggestion will give aqemu a go.
The only thing I'd prefer is the way VB allows effective bridging of a wireless interface.

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