I really enjoyed taking in , so please, give , about to easily manage and view it
(currently using + preview plugin),

and especially, to publish them as articles.

@nand I use Neovim with syntax highlighting to read Markdown files.

If you want to publish text in Markdown on the web I can highly recommend Jekyll, it's what I've been for years now.

@hund Thanks, im also using neovim with a few plugins to make it looks better, but don't sure, is there a better way to manage it, than just write in root dir and manually write links there

@nand It depends on what you want to do exactly?

@hund well, pretend i have a bunch of notes moved in related dirs, sub-dirs and so on.
And i want to view tree of all that stuff, automatically generate some another md file with links to all other notes, or whatever smth like this

@nand I use neovim to write/view, sometimes bat to preview the file (it is an alternative to cat)

as nextcloud Notes uses markdown, it syncronizes it automatically and I can access in the web and on the android app

for publishing, I'm started a site using hugo :)

@nand I use Joplin, and have it sync to my Nextcloud so I have my markdown notes on all my devices.

@ruud Used joplin in past, I really dont like the way it stores my notes, and also that buggy sync...
I want it store them just as plain files but it doesnt

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