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Things that should be illegal:
- HTML emails
- Electron applications
- All websites bigger than 10kb
- Proprietary software
- Zoom & co.
- Capitalism
- Weak type systems
- Weak type systems that call themselves strong but are really shitty
- Rewriting it in Rust
- Reference Counting
- Mathematical Platonism
- Whatever the fuck "realtime malloc" means
- Whatever the fuck "realtime stack allocation" means
- Go
- Medium blogs
- People who post their tweets on mastodon
- Using github / gitlab

Anyone using ?
Found it really great replacement of , drop that proprietary garbage!

The only thing is, i want to pass all traffic in vm through , or (im using ).
Any suggestions, articles to read about it, because I didn't find much about it

I really enjoyed taking in , so please, give , about to easily manage and view it
(currently using + preview plugin),

and especially, to publish them as articles.

Hi everyone, I'm glad to be here!
Since I'm not a native English speaker, sorry for it👌.

I'm a big fan of , (especially ), , , , , and other great software I might don't know about.

Hope will be right the place I've been searching for.

Looking for people with shared interests!


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