VimL -> Lua progress 60%

I have ported all of my vim.plug configuration to lua using packer.nvim. It is similar to usepackage in emacs which I love. Check it out.

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git stash aka “fuck it, I’ll deal with this later”

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It doesn't matter how old I am, whenever I think about my 5 years younger self, I always feel embarrassed by what a clueless fool I was back then.

This either means I'm constantly growing and learning... or that I'll forever remain a clueless fool.

Probably the latter.

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OH: "GNU Emacs, which is a sort of hybrid between Windows Notepad, a monolithic-kernel operating system, and the International Space Station."

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anyone got recommendations for an affordable split mechanical keyboard, preferably with softer switches so i don’t annoy the shit outta my partner?

i just broke yet another keyboard so i think i need to go higher quality...

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Your voice matters. Your choices matter. Sharing your feelings, on privacy, in a compassionate way will help turn the tide to create a better internet.

A perfect internet? Never.

That should not be our goal. Perfection is subjective and the enemy of success.

A better internet? Absolutely!

Let your network know that you've decided to switch to services that do not invade your privacy. Do so without making them feel dumb or that it's a nonsensical conspiracy.

#together #web #infosec #privacy

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@mcol Signal requires phone numbers because they needed a quick, convenient internationally-unique identifier that didn't require complex (hence de-anonymising) registration processes…

Signal is very geared around privacy, apart from the phone number thing, and they're moving away from it – it was a thing they needed to bootstrap to "a critical mass is using this", but they don't need it any more and are just paying down the resulting technical debt so they can remove its mandation.

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So, it's almost impossible to install Linux alongside Windows10 now? And, to use Ubuntu sub system you are required to use Hello Windows security... Are the days of dual booting over? Does it really have to be this difficult? It's becoming harder to install and use the tools then to actually build your solutions...

Switching to Lua from Vimscript. Hold my beer!

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Dicts, strings, and wonderful things in Python 3.9. What I'm looking forward to:

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is a bloated and memory-hungry API client. The companies make collections of their APIs and able to be shared in it. I think most of the use cases of Postman can be handled by simple shell scripts using shell variables and `curl`. More comprehensive tools like `httpie` or emacs restclient can be used too. No need to burn resources for a fancy UI.

I have been using `xkbcat` to log my keys to optimize my usage. Almost 2M key events logged in 10MB text file in 2 months!

`xkbcat -up >> ~/keys.txt &` into the .xinitrc.

I want to visualize and interpret the results this precious data. Stay tuned!

I used to use `calc` as my calculator before. It is minimal and has a lot of math functions by default. The `bc` was a good candidate but it was too minimal for me.

I decided to try as my main calculator and I think it satisfied my needs. The improved REPL environment can support latex expressions and has incredible support for unicode characters (`θ = 4` assigns 4 to theta 😮).

I assigned a keymap in my WM to show Julia in a floating terminal. See ss. Give it a try!

Mastodon is a very interesting group of places. I started in to share my linux and foss journey. But it feels like twitter and I don't like twitter like most of mastodon users. There must be an extra effort to make people see and criticise my workflow. I didn't realize that there is specialized instances like this. Here, I am motivated to share and read others experiences. Let take over the world :ac_heart:

Hi nacro here. As a free software enthusiastic and a programmer I'm so happy to find a network like this. Have a nice day!


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