Been trying the Hifiman Sundara for 1 year now, overall they are great headphones especially for the clarity in mid/high frequencies.
However I'm reselling them cause I am kind of missing the low bass frequencies and the "warmth" of other cheap headphones... I think I'll move back to closed back headphones.
Also I don't like the heaviness of the Sundara.

Since the beginning it's been assumed the masks are effective. Read this before recommending someone else to wear a mask:

Anyone, do you know a high quality flat response closed back pair of headphones?

Question about Creative Commons:
I made a short film, released it under a CC-BY license.
Now I want to release all the assets and files under a CC-0 license, wouldn't that create a conflict?
I mean, if the assets are under CC-0 then anybody could theoretically render the short film and say he/she created it, right?

Was the multiple virtual desktops concept introduced first in Linux and then on macos or the other way around?
What are other features that arrived in Linux first?

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Something i havent seen people talking about much with the Linus Tech Tips videos. That, while some are mocking and complaining, many are going out of their way to FIX THE CONCERNS mentioned in the videos! So much bad is said about the Linux community in how it deals with people and issues but here we have developers and users alike addressing issues (or atleast planning) days or even hours after the videos. Lets see that happen with a proprietary OS.

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If Apple with an update can decide to break your system (or slow down the performance), how is Linux different?
Couldn't it happen to a Linux machine also?

Is there any proof that Apple is still using forced labor?

Tesla drivers locked out of cars due to server error 😂

By the way, he bought it saying because it is beautiful...
Despite me showing a better custom mini PC at half the price.

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Tried everything these days to convince my dad not to buy an Apple pc but a Linux one instead. I failed... He bought the iMac M1......
How can I convince him now that Linux is better than macos?

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