Switched from Lastpass to Bitwarden today. Haven't been disappointed so far!

@naavis been usin BitWarden for a couple years now - very happy with the service.

@naavis If I may ask, what made you switch? I'm using LastPass, just wondering if I'm missing out on something 🙂

@Hyzual I've been a bit unhappy with the technical quality. Occasional bugs here and there, nothing super serious though. Lately there's been a lot of complaints on Reddit about people's passwords getting erased due to bugs and support taking weeks to answer even to paying customers. I decided to try out what the competition is like.

@naavis Interesting! Did you setup your own server aswell?

Currently I use my owncloud + KeePassXC (Desktop) / KyPass (mobile) to have everything at hand. My current solution lacks the web part, but you have to trust the client you use it from anyways.

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