@mike @kev same here. It's infinitely better than cmd for sure. Terminal + WSL -> OK windows experience. Now they need to give me a good tiling window manager

@danyspin97 yes they do. They're actually build on top of musl to make them independent of glibc

I'm building a library of statically linked binaries to help incident response process in Linux boxes and Containers. Just added the entire collection. PRs are welcome.


New blogpost, DNSMonster: capture, index, monitor and search through 200K DNS queries per second using ClickHouse and Grafana.

Blogpost: blog.n0p.me/2020/02/2020-02-05

GitLab project: gitlab.com/mosajjal/dnsmonster

@mike I use Termite for its vim-like keyboard shortcuts and very quick response time.

AMD now has 40% of processor market share for the first time in 14 years - The fight between AMD and Intel for processor market share seems to be getting extremely close, wi... more: techradar.com/news/amd-now-has

@Tayo thanks a lot! I already feel the FOSS vibe here 🥰

Well, here I am! This platform looks really interesting. I was just reading about it and decided to join all the FOSS geeks here 😊


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